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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

IndraControl L40

The Bosch Rexroth IndraControl L40 is a dynamic and robust industrial controller, designed to meet the complex demands of modern automation systems. Equipped with a powerful processing unit, the L40 efficiently handles intricate control tasks, ensuring optimal performance in diverse industrial applications. It is particularly noted for its scalability and flexibility, enabling users to tailor the system to various operational needs. The IndraControl L40 supports a range of communication protocols, including real-time Ethernet, which facilitates seamless integration with other machines and systems. This makes it highly adaptable for different automation environments, such as manufacturing, packaging, and robotics. Additionally, its user-friendly interface and programming capabilities allow for easy operation and customization, significantly reducing setup and maintenance time. With its combination of high processing power, flexible connectivity options, and user-centric design, the IndraControl L40 stands out as a reliable and efficient controller for sophisticated automation challenges.

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CML40 Specs Summary

In terms of processing capabilities, the IndraControl L40 offers two variants: the CML40.1, powered by a National Geode SC1200 processor with a minimum speed of 266 MHz, and the CML40.2, which leverages an AMD Geode LX800 processor with at least 500 MHz. These processors are accompanied by significant memory capacity – the CML40.1 features at least 32 Mbytes of DRAM and 64 kbytes of NvRAM, while the CML40.2 ups the ante with at least 64 Mbytes of DRAM and 128 kbytes of NvRAM. This robust combination of processing power and memory ensures the L40 can handle complex tasks with ease and reliability.

Connectivity and integration are key strengths of the IndraControl L40. It includes a Bosch Rexroth PC104 interface for functional modules and a Rexroth Inline interface for I/O modules, ensuring seamless integration with a wide range of industrial systems. Communication interfaces are comprehensive, including a standard Ethernet connection (RJ 45, 10/100 Base-T) and a serial RS 232 interface. For expanded connectivity, options include a PROFIBUS DP master-slave interface and a SERCOS master interface. Additionally, the unit features a single-pin ready contact, along with 8 electrically isolated digital inputs and outputs, enhancing its capability to interface with various external devices and systems effectively.

This blend of advanced processing, substantial memory, flexible connectivity, and a wide range of input/output options positions the IndraControl L40 as a highly capable and adaptable controller. Whether for complex machinery control or intricate automation processes, the L40 stands as a testament to Bosch Rexroth's commitment to delivering high-performance, user-friendly, and reliable automation solutions.

Additional Specs

Power Supply:
- Nominal voltage: 24 VDC
- Tolerances: -15% / +20% (without residual ripple)
- Residual ripple: +/- 5%
- Maximum voltage (Umax): 30 V
- Minimum voltage (Umin): 19.2 V
- Current consumption by U_LS: Max. 2.6 A
- Current consumption by U_M and U_S: Max. 8 A in total

Ambient Conditions for Operation and Storage/Transport:
- Max. surrounding air temperature for operation: +5 to +55 °C
Note: If the load is higher or the surrounding air temperature is >45 °C, an optionally available blower must be used.
- Max. surrounding air temperature for storage/transport: -25 to +70 °C
- Relative humidity: RH-2; 5% to 95% according to DIN EN 61131-2, non-condensing.
- Air pressure for operation: Up to 2,700 m above MSL according to DIN 60204
- Air pressure for storage/transport: Up to 3,000 m above MSL according to DIN 60204
Mechanical strength for operation:
- Max. vibration:
- Frequency range: 10 to 150 Hz
- Excursion: 0.075 mm for 10 to 57 Hz
- Acceleration: 1 g for 57 to 150 Hz according to EN 60068-2-6
Mechanical strength for storage/transport:
- Max. shock: 15 g according to EN 60 068-2-27, no disturbance of the function
Degree of pollution: 2

CML40 Type Code Breakdown

- Product:
- Main unit: CM
- Housing Design:
- Inline: L
- Line:
- LX800, 500MHz: 40
- Design:
- 2: 2
- Communication Interface:
- SERCOS: X (Column 9)
- PROFIBUS: P (Column 10)
- System Configuration:
- DRAM (MB): 16 (1), 32 (2), 64 (3), 128 (4)
- NvRAM (kB): 32 (1), 64 (2), 128 (3)
- SRAM (MB): ohne(0), 1 (1), 2 (2)
- Fan:
- Without: N
- Digital Inputs / Outputs:
- 8 inputs / 8 outputs: A
- Additional Design:
- None: NNNN
- Firmware:
- Without firmware: NW