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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

Indramat DKS Servo Drives

Indramat DKS AC

The DKS drives are designed to be installed in a control cabinet or a closed housing that complies with the IP 10 protection class as specified by DIN 40 050. This level of protection ensures that the device is safeguarded against the ingress of solid objects larger than 50 mm in diameter. However, it does not offer protection against the entry of water or any deliberate penetration.

Type Code Breakdown

- Name: Digital Servo Drive - DKS
- Series: 1
- Version: 1
- Cooling Type: Warm Type (heat dissipated inside the cabinet) - W
- Rated Current:
- 30 A = 030
- 50 A = 050
- 100 A = 100
- Noise Emission at Motor:
- Standard (with rated currents 50 A and 100 A) = A
- Reduced (with rated current 30 A) = B

Available Command Interface Cards

Here is a detailed bullet point list for each type of Command Interface Card for the DKS system:

- SERCOS Interface
- Types: DSS 1.1, DSS 1.3
- Allows operation with SERCOS interface-compatible controllers via fiber optic cables.
- Features inputs for evaluating reference switches, position limit switches, and sensors.

- ANALOG Interface with Incremental Encoder Emulator
- Type: DAE 1.1
- Enables intelligent digital AC servo drives to be operated with conventional controllers via an analog interface.
- Includes control inputs and signal outputs for communication with an attached controller.
- Outputs incremental encoder signals as an actual position value.

- ANALOG Interface with Absolute-Value Encoder Emulator
- Type: DAA 1.1
- Allows intelligent digital AC servo drives to work with conventional controllers through an analog interface.
- Comes with control inputs and signal outputs for communication with the attached controller.
- Outputs actual absolute position values in accordance with the SSI Standard (Synchronous Serial Interface).

- Single-Axis Positioning Card
- Type: DLC 1.1
- Upgrades the servo drive for standalone single-axis position control.
- Can be programmed with up to 3000 program blocks, with each block defining a sequence of movements, monitoring conditions for inputs, or settings for outputs.

DKS Technical Data

Designation Symbol Unit DKS1.1-W100B DKS1.1-W050A DKS1.1-W030B
Rated Current I (typ) A 100 50 30
Peak Current I (peek) A 100 50 30
Continuous Current I (cont) A 50 25 10
Connection 3-Phase 3-Phase Single-Phase or 3-Phase
Power Requirement (at max. drive loading) kVA 11 9,5 4,5 [3,5]

Appropriate Use

DKR drive controllers are designed for specific applications, featuring customizable drive power and various interfaces, making them suitable for use in printing machines and NC (numerically controlled) machine tools. For optimal performance, these controllers should be operated within designated parameters including correct assembly, installation, and specified ambient conditions such as temperature range, protection system, humidity, and adherence to EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) requirements. It is also crucial that these controllers are used in their specified position to ensure proper functionality.

Ambient Conditions

Operating Conditions Symbol Unit Value
Permissible ambient temperature for rated specifications T (um) °C +5 to +45
Max. ambient temperature with derated specifications T (um) °C +55
Storage and Shipping Temperature T (L) °C -30 to +85
Max. Elevation without derating m above sea level max. 1000
Max. Humidity according to humidity classification F per DIN 40 040
Insulation Class C per DIN 570 110
Protection Class IP 10 per DIN 40 050