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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

Indramat KVR

Indramat KVR

The KVR's power rectifier converts the AC mains voltage to regulated DC for the drive systems. When the drives are operating in generator mode, the KVR 1 acts as an inverter, channeling power back to the mains and uses buffer capacitors for stability. In power outages or when power is intentionally cut, the KVR 1 uses a bleeder resistor to absorb the energy generated from the motors' braking. It also has an internal power contactor that can disconnect the drives from the power source.

Furthermore, the KVR powers the drive module's electronics through a signal voltage bus, ensuring the electronics stay powered during mains failures, keeping the drive operational in generator mode.
The KVR includes advanced monitoring features that communicate with the drive modules via this signal voltage bus.

Key Features:

- AC Power Input: The KVR 1.2 supplies power to main and servo drives, offering a continuous mechanical output up to 24 kW, depending on the capacitors and transformers used.

- Direct Connection to Line Voltage:
It can be connected directly to three-phase power systems ranging from 380 to 460 V, 50 to 60 Hz without needing transformers, and has a built-in power protection device.

- Heat Losses in the Enclosure: The KVR 1.2 ensures low heat losses with only about 20% remaining in the enclosure due to its design, which allows for significant cost savings on enclosure ventilation and cooling.

- Soft-start: The KVR 1.2 includes a soft-start circuit to prevent large inrush current spikes, eliminating the need for oversizing line connection protection devices.

- Regulated DC Bus: The DC bus voltage is regulated to minimize the effect of line voltage variations on drive dynamics, which can enable higher drive speeds.

- Line Reaction: When used with the appropriate chokes and capacitors, the KVR operates without causing significant line reaction.

- Regenerated Power: Energy from the drives in generator mode is returned to the AC power system, and the KVR 1.2 is equipped with a bleeder resistor to allow for braking in case of line issues without needing a power shutoff.

- Auxiliary Capacitance Modules: These can be connected to the KVR 1.2 for applications requiring maximum continuous DC bus output and can store energy in the DC bus.

- Dynamic braking: A dynamic braking feature can be added to the KVR so that motors can be braked in case of a fault, activated by a steady-state contact on the KVR.

KVR Type Code

- Unit designation: KVR = supply module for direct mains connection with mains regeneration
- Series: 1
- Version: 3
- Rated power: 30 kW link circuit continuous power
- Link circuit voltage: 3 = 320 V

Technical Data

Description Symbol Unit KVR 1.3-30-3
Power supply Input Voltage U(ACN) V 3 x 380 ... 480 (± 10%)
Frequency f(N) Hz 50 ... 60 Hz
Link circuit D.C. voltage U(DC) V 320 (± 5%)
Continuous link circuit power (feed and regeneration) P(DC) kW 30/20 (with links and link circuit capacitors of 2 mF)
Link circuit peak power P(KB-03) kW 90
Peak bleeder power P(BM) kW 40
Continuous bleeder power P(BD) kW Bleeder designed only for E-stops
Maximum regeneration energy with power off W(max) kWs 100
Power dissipation inside control cabinet at maximum equipment load P(V) W 170
Power dissipation outside control cabinet at maximum equipment load P(V) W 480

Ambient Conditions

Environmental Conditions Symbol Unit Value
Permissible ambient temperature at rated data T(amb) °C +5 ... +45
Maximum ambient temperature at reduced data T(m.amb) °C +55
Storage & transportation temperatures TL(L) °C -30 ... +85
Installation altitude without derating maximum 1000 meters above sea level
Permissible relative humidity % maximum 95%
Permissible absolute humidity g water/m³ air 25g
Degree of contamination non-conductive dirt/no condensate
Protection category IP 10 as per DIN 40 050