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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

IndraDrive HDS Series

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Indramat HDS

HDS drive controllers are engineered to work with HVE or HVR supply modules, which provide all necessary signal and power voltages for the controllers' operations. To accommodate different energy management needs, these drives have provisions for additional components. If the power supply system lacks regenerative capabilities and the drive's operational demands are high, an additional brake resistor HZB can be incorporated to manage the energy produced during braking. For applications with a high number of start-stop cycles, an extra capacitor module HZK may be employed. Furthermore, for enhanced connectivity options, a power connection module HZF is also available.

Type Code Breakdown

- Product group: HDS
- Line options include: 02, 03, 04, 05
- Version: 2
- Cooling: Air, internal with built-in blower (W)
- Rated current options: 40 A (040), 75 A (075), 100 A (100), 200 A (200), 300 A (300), with other versions indicated by N
- Controller family: DIAX04 (H)
- Command communication options: ANALOG interface (A), SERCOS interface (S, T)
- Function id code: Determined and documented by Indramat, example given as 01
- Version of function id: Determined and documented by Indramat, example given as 01
- Firmware: Indication that firmware must be ordered as a separate subitem (FW)

HDS Technical Data

Designation HDD02.2-W040N-HD32 HDS02.2-W040N HDS03.2-W075N HDS03.2-W100N HDS04.2-W200N HDS05.2-W300N
Rated current Irated 40 40 75 100 200 300
Peak current Ipeak 40 per axis 40 75 100 200 300
Continuous current (4kHz/8kHz*) Icont 15 / 10 per axis 20 / 15 per axis 40 / 30 50 / 35 120 / 80 175/100
Power loss with Icont PV 110 per axis 125 220 280 800 1200
Weight m 8 6.5 11 11 19 25
Power consumption for signal processing from +/-26V-source P26V 40 40** 25** 25** 30** 55**

Precautions & Appropriate Use

The HDS drives, which are part of the DIAX04 family, require programming prior to use to ensure they perform the specific functions required for an application. They are tailored for both single and multiple-axis drive and control applications, with a variety of drive power options and interfaces to suit particular needs. The typical applications for these drive controllers include handling and mounting systems, packaging and food processing machines, printing and paper processing machines, and machine tools. It's crucial that these drive controllers are operated only when the assembly, installation, and ambient conditions meet the specified requirements, which encompass temperature, system protection, humidity, EMC requirements, and other described conditions, to ensure proper functionality and safety.

Ambient application Unit Value
Permissible ambient temperature range with rated data °C +5 ... +45
Maximum permissible ambient temperature with de-rated data °C +55
Storage and transport temperature °C -30 ... +85
Installation elevation without reduction of rated data meters above sea level max. 1000
Insulation classification C as per DIN VDE 0110
Protection category IP 10 per DIN 40 050