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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

IndraControl VCP08

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The VCP 08 is a compact operator terminal designed for machine control, enabling the initiation of functions as specified within a given application. It boasts a space-saving design with a seal on the back for versatile use and flexible mounting options. The VCP 08 is available in different variants, offering either three serial standard interfaces or a field bus interface, depending on the specific needs of the application.

This terminal features a robust front panel equipped with a short-stroke keyboard, which consists of a 3 mm thick aluminum plate with beveled edges for a sleek look and feel. The keyboard is protected by a chemically resistant polyester film that has raised key areas to enhance the tactile feedback for the operator.

Type Code Breakdown

- Product: VCP
- Line: 08
- Design: 1
- Front panel and display: Graphic display, 120 x 32 pixel; 36 keys - Code: BT
- Additional option: none - Code: N
- Interface:
- DeviceNet - Code: DN
- Serial (RS232/485, TTY 20mA) - Code: RS
- Additional design: none - Code: NN
- Firmware: Must be ordered as a separate subposition - Code: FW

Housing and Front Specifications

Component Description
Housing Steel Sheet, Galvanized
Front Panel Aluminum, Varnished, measuring 209 mm x 159 mm x 3 mm
Front Foil Polyester
Seal Circumferential Rubber Seal on the Rear
Mounting Cutout 199 mm x 139 mm
Mounting Depth Approximately 58 mm (without Connector)
Degree of Protection Front IP54
Degree of Protection Rear IP20
Total Weight Approximately 800 g

Display Specifications

Component Description
Type LCD Module with LED Backlight
Resolution 120 x 32 Pixels
Pixel Color Black
Background Color Yellow-green

Electrical Data

Parameter Value
Supply Voltage 24 V DC (SELV in Accordance with DIN EN 61131)
Residual Ripple Maximum 10%
Minimum Voltage 19.2 V
Maximum Voltage 30.2 V
Power Consumption 0.4 A
Peak Current 3.0 A
Connected Load ~20 W
Fuse Semiconductor Fuse, Self-resetting
Protection against Polarity Reversal Integrated

Central Processing Unit and Memory

Component Specification
Central Unit Z84
Clock Frequency 10 MHz
Other Characteristics Watchdog Timer, Real-Time Clock, Temperature Compensation of the Display, Battery Monitoring
Application Memory 768 KByte Flash
RAM 128 KByte Static CMOS-RAM, Battery-Backed

Connection System

Connection Type Description
D-SUB Female and Male Connector Strips 9-Pin and 25-Pin
Female and Male Connector Strips Phoenix COMBICON 3-Pin

Appropriate Use

The VCP08 is intended for specific configurations and should only be used with the appropriate software and firmware as outlined in the function descriptions.

The VCP08 is engineered for tasks involving control of either a single axis or multiple axes. It is typically utilized in:

  • Operational control of handling and assembly systems
  • Management of packaging machine operations
  • Supervision and control of printing and paper processing machines
  • Direction of machine tools

For optimal performance, the VCP08 should be used under the environmental conditions detailed in the manual, which includes temperature, protection systems, humidity, EMC requirements, and must be positioned as specified.

Ambient Conditions

Using the VCP08 Controller in the recommended environment will help prevent premature failure. Below are the recommended settings from the manual:

- Ambient Temperature:
- Operation: 0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F)
- Storage, Transport: -20 °C to +70 °C (-4 °F to +158 °F)
- Relative Humidity:
- Operation: 10% to 95%, No Condensation
- Storage, Transport: 10% to 95%, No Condensation
- Application Area: Degree of Pollution 1, Over Voltage Category II