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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

IndraControl L65

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The Bosch Rexroth IndraControl L65 is a sophisticated and high-performance industrial controller, engineered to address the complex demands of modern automation systems. This controller is built around a potent processing unit, capable of handling intricate control tasks and algorithms with remarkable efficiency and speed. It is designed to be highly modular and scalable, offering flexibility to adapt to a wide range of industrial applications, from manufacturing and processing to packaging and robotics. The IndraControl L65 stands out for its extensive connectivity options, supporting various communication protocols and interfaces, which ensures seamless integration into diverse industrial environments and networks. This makes it particularly valuable in settings where interoperability and communication with multiple systems and devices are crucial. Furthermore, the L65 is user-friendly, equipped with an intuitive interface and sophisticated programming capabilities, simplifying both operation and maintenance. This combination of powerful processing, versatile connectivity, and ease of use makes the IndraControl L65 an ideal choice for industries looking to enhance their automation processes with reliability, precision, and efficiency.

CML65 Notable Specs

1. Processor Excellence: At its core, the Indracontrol L65 is powered by the CML65.1 processor, featuring an Intel Celeron M with a 1.0 GHz clock speed. This ensures reliable and efficient processing capabilities, suitable for a range of industrial applications.

2. Robust Memory Options:
- Base Memory: The unit comes with a minimum of 256 MByte DRAM, paired with a minimum of 256 kByte RDS, delivering adequate memory capacity for standard operations.
- Optional Enhanced Memory: For more demanding applications, there's an option to expand with an 8 MByte SRAM, which is battery-buffered, ensuring data retention even in the event of power loss.

3. Degree of Protection: With an IP20 rating, the Indracontrol L65 is designed to be protected against solid objects larger than 12mm, ensuring its durability and reliability in various industrial environments.

4. Communication Interfaces:
- Standard Ethernet Connectivity: It features a standard Ethernet connection (RJ 45, 10Base-T, 100Base-TX), enabling seamless integration into existing networks.
- Optional Interfaces:
- SERCOS III Interface: For those needing a master-slave interface, the SERCOS III option provides a high-speed, deterministic communication for motion control.
- PROFIBUS DP Interface: An optional PROFIBUS DP master-slave interface caters to those requiring this established fieldbus system.
- Additional Ethernet Options: For TCP/IP or real-time Ethernet needs (PROFINET RT or EtherNet/IP), there's an option for 2 additional Ethernet connections (RJ 45, 10Base-T, 100Base-TX).

Type Code Breakdown

- Product:
- Main unit: CM
- Housing Design:
- Inline: L
- Line:
- ComExpress: 65
- Design:
- Celeron, 1 GHz: 1
- Communication Interface:
- Interface 1: Not equipped (Abbreviation "N")
- Interface 2: Not equipped (Abbreviation "N")
- Optional Interfaces:
- SERCOS III (Abbreviation "3")
- Profibus (Abbreviation "P")
- System Configuration:
- DRAM (MB): 256 (Abbreviation "5")
- NvRAM (kB): 256 (Abbreviation "4"); Without (Abbreviation "0")
- SRAM (MB): Without (Abbreviation "0"); 8 (Abbreviation "4")
- Fan:
- Without: N
- Digital Inputs/Outputs:
- 8 inputs / 8 outputs: A
- Additional Design:
- None: NNNN
- Firmware:
- Without Firmware: NW

Appropriate Use

- The IndraControl CML65 units are designed for logic and motion applications. They should be used with the specified accessories and mounting parts listed in the CML65 documentation.
- They must be operated with the configurations and component combinations, as well as the firmware detailed in the respective manual or documentation.
- Typical applications include handling systems and assembly systems, packaging and food processing machines, printing machines and paper converting machines, and machine tools.

Inappropriate Usage:

The CML65 controllers should not be used if it is exposed to operating conditions outside of specified ambient conditions, such as extreme temperatures. (Found Below)

- Non-compliance with these guidelines may lead to the expiry of the guarantee and warranty claims. Additionally, the units should remain in their original state without modifications, be handled by individuals who have read and understood the safety-related guidelines, and be installed as specified in the documentation.

Ambient Conditions

In Operation:
- Maximum surrounding air temperature: +5 to +55 °C
- Relative humidity: RH-2; 5% to 95% according to DIN EN 61131-2, non-condensing.
- Air pressure: Up to 2700 m above mean sea level (MSL) according to DIN 60204.
- Mechanical strength:
- Maximum vibration frequency range: 10 to 150 Hz
- Excursion: 0.075 mm for 10 to 57 Hz
- Acceleration: 1 g for 57 to 150 Hz, according to EN 60068-2-6.

For Storage/Transport:

- Temperature range: -25 °C to +70 °C
- Relative humidity: RH-2; 5% to 95% according to DIN EN 61131-2, non-condensing.
- Air pressure: Up to 3000 m above MSL according to DIN 60204.
- Mechanical strength:
- Maximum shock: 15 g according to EN 60068-2-27 with no disturbance of the function.