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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

IndraDrive Fc

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Indradrive FC Drive System

The Rexroth IndraDrive FC drive system is composed of a variety of system elements that cater to different functions within the drive system. These components and their requirements can be summarized as follows:

Standard components that are essential for the system include the Frequency Converter Single-Axis (FCS01.1), the firmware (FCB01), and the motor, specifically a standard asynchronous motor. Additionally, the motor cable is required to be shielded (RKL), which is also a standard requirement.

Optional components that can enhance or modify the drive system based on specific needs are available as well. These include transformers, which can be either autotransformers (DST) or isolating transformers (DLT); mains filters, which are available in 1-phase (NFE) or 3-phase (NFD03.1; HNF01.1) configurations; and a mains choke (FNL01.1E). Other optional elements comprise the Function Module, which includes control panels (FCC01.1T) and Field Bus Modules (FCC01.1F); a Braking Resistor (FLR01.1); and an Output Throttle (FML01). Additionally, for the motor cable, an unshielded option (RKL) is available if needed. These optional elements allow for customization of the drive system to meet specific application requirements or to comply with particular installation conditions.

IndraDrive Fc Products

IndraDrive FC Specs

- Product Name: FCS
- Line: 01
- Design: 1
- Power Supply Feeding: Electric (denoted by 'E')
- Cooling Mode: Air, internal through integrated blower (denoted by 'W')
- Maximum Current Options:
- 3 A (0003)
- 5 A (0005)
- 6 A (0006)
- 8 A (0008)
- 11 A (0011)
- 15 A (0015)
- 19 A (0019)
- 25 A (0025)
- 32 A (0032)
- Degree of Protection: IP 20 (denoted by 'A')
- Mains Connecting Voltage Options:
- 1 x AC 200...240 V (O2)
- 3 x AC 380...480 V (O4)
- Other Design Features: DC 24 V voltage supply internal, integrated brake transistor (denoted by 'NNBV')

FC General Specifications

Output Frequency Range: 0.0 to 400.0 Hz
Pulse Frequency (fs): 3.0 to 16.0 kHz; standard setting at 6 kHz
- Derating with 230V devices from fs > 8 kHz
- Derating with 400V devices from fs > 6 kHz
Typical Overload Capability:
- 150% for 60 seconds
- 200% for 3.5 seconds
Protection Against:
- Overtemperature of the frequency converter
- Short circuit
- Ground fault
- Overvoltage and undervoltage
- Overload
- No-load operation

- Closed-loop and open-loop control
- Sensorless current vector control (ISD), linear U/f characteristic
- Analog command value input / PID input: 2x ... 0 V, 0/4...20 mA, scalable
- Analog command value resolution: 10-bit related to measuring range
- Analog output: 0...10V scalable
Command Value Constancy:
- Analog: < 1%
- Digital: < 0.02%
Motor Temperature Monitoring: 1/2 motor (UL/cUL approved), PTC / bimetal switch (not UL/cUL)

Control Outputs: 2x relay 28V DC / 230V AC, 2A

- Standard: RS 485 (USS), RS 232 (single slave)
- Optional: Profibus DP; CANopen, DeviceNet
- Frequency Converter Efficiency: Approx. 95%
Ambient Conditions:
- Ambient temperature: 0°C...+40°C (S1-100% ED), 0°C...+50°C (S3-75% ED 10 min)
- Storage and transport temperature: -25°C...+70°C

Degree of Protection: IP20 (for installation in control cabinet)
Maximum Installation Altitude / Power Reduction:
- Up to 1000 m above sea level: None
- 1000...4000 m above sea level: 1%/100 m
Overvoltage Category:
- Up to 2000 m: Overvoltage category 3
- 2000...4000 m: Overvoltage category 2, external overvoltage protection required at the mains input
Delay Time Between Two Mains Activation Cycles: 60 seconds for all devices, in normal operation cycle

IndraDrive FC Benefits

Advanced Features and Seamless Integration: The IndraDrive FC series incorporates a host of advanced features, including integrated safety functions that enhance operational safety. These drives also support regenerative braking, allowing them to convert excess energy back into the electrical supply, reducing energy consumption and costs. Furthermore, the series is designed for seamless integration into automation systems, with compatibility for various fieldbus communication protocols such as EtherCAT and SERCOS. This adaptability ensures that IndraDrive FC drives can easily integrate with existing machinery and control systems, providing a comprehensive solution for modern manufacturing environments.

Appropriate Uses

Typical uses for these drives include handling and mounting systems, packaging and food machinery, printing and paper processing machines, and machine tools. The operation of these drives is limited to the configurations and component combinations that are specified in the official documentation, using the appropriate software and firmware.

Inappropriate use of IndraDrive FC drives involves operating them outside the specified conditions and technical data provided in the official documentation. This includes using the drives in environments with extreme temperature fluctuations, underwater, or in conditions that expose them to extremely high maximum temperatures. Additionally, these drives should not be employed in applications that have not been explicitly approved by Rexroth. It is crucial to adhere strictly to the specified ambient conditions such as temperature, degree of protection, humidity, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and to follow the general safety instructions meticulously to prevent misuse and ensure safe operation.