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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207
Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

Indramat BTC06

Indramat BTC06 Control Panels

The BTC06 manual control unit is engineered for control tasks in systems with one or multiple axes, suitable for various application-specific implementations. It boasts a versatile RS485/422 interface that allows it to connect seamlessly with all INDRAMAT controllers, including MTS/P, MTS/R, CLC, DKC, DLC, and CLM models. The unit is complemented by universal Screen Manager Software, which empowers users to create custom applications that can interact with the variables across all INDRAMAT controller families. Additionally, for the CLC, there are two extra pre-programmed applications akin to programming software for TRANS01D and VT100 for GPS, serving as alternatives to the functions of the CTA10-1 and TPT.

The BTC06 is particularly adept for use in handling and assembly systems, packaging and foodstuff machinery, and machine tools, enhancing its versatility across different industrial environments. However, its operation is strictly confined to the specified conditions regarding temperature, system protection, humidity, EMC requirements, and the particular operational position outlined for its use.

BTC06 Technical Data

Basic BTC06 Unit
Supply voltage 24 V (20 to 30 V) DC
Power consumption max. 400 mA
Display LCD 240 x 128 pixel, b/w, full graphics function
LED backlight
visible area 108 x 58 mm
Keyboard Polyester film with 48 keys
Enclosure material Polycarbonate
Protection IP 65 (Main connection cable plugged in, RS-232 connector provided with protective cap)
Temperature range 0 to +55°C (Operation)
-20 to +70°C (Storage)
Weight ca. 1.3 Kg
Dimensions 315 x 180 x 57 (LxWxD)
363 x 180 x 57 incl. detachable handle

Type Code Breakdown

- Product group: BTC = BTC
- Line: 6 = 06
- Design: 2 = 2
- Interface: RS232C and RS422A/RS485 = A
- Keyboard:
- Slide-in strips for 12 axis keys = E
- Slide-in strips for 40 keys = F
- Function design:
- Handwheel: Code EH3 = 1
- Emergency-Stop: Codes EH3, EN3, EP3 = 1
- Override pot.meter: Code EH3 = 1
- Activate button three stage, dual circuit: Codes EH3, EN3, EP3 = 1
- Firmware: Must be ordered as a separate subposition = FW

Ambient Conditions

The BTC06 panel is to be operated strictly as specified, within the prescribed assembly, installation, and ambient conditions, such as temperature, protection, humidity, and EMC requirements, and must be positioned as directed. Utilizing the BTC06 beyond these stipulations or in environments that diverge from those described in its documentation is considered misuse. Specifically, the BTC06 should not be used in circumstances that do not align with the defined ambient conditions, like under water, in places with extreme temperature variations, or where temperatures exceed the maximum limits. Additionally, Rexroth Indramat disclaims any responsibility for use cases they have not explicitly approved, and users should adhere to the general safety guidelines provided.