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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207
Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

Indramat RECO

Indramat RECO

The PPC-R01.2 and PPC-R02.2 units, manufactured by Rexroth Indramat, are intended for installation within the RECO02 module carrier system. These units, referred to as PPC-R, serve as controllers for motion and PLC applications. It is imperative to adhere strictly to the specified accessories and parts outlined in the documentation, as any components not explicitly mentioned should neither be mounted nor connected, including cables and lines. The operation is permissible only within defined configurations and with specified software and firmware as detailed in the relevant function descriptions. For application-specific requirements, the PPC-R unit offers configurations with various field buses and serial interfaces. Common sectors benefiting from the PPC-R unit include printing, paper, packaging, machine tools, and machining centers.

The ISP200-R from Indramat is a versatile RECO PLC that seamlessly integrates with the MTC200 control system, serving as either a standalone or slave PLC. Its PROG interface supports RS232 and RS422 modes, allowing easy connection to PCs or programming devices, while RS485 mode enables operation within an RS485 bus system. Each ISP200-R can be individually addressed for direct communication from a PC. Additionally, it offers a serial COM user interface for connecting peripherals and a BT bus for up to four operator terminals within a 50-meter cable length. Mounted via a module carrier system, the ISP200-R accommodates up to 16 additional I/O modules and can be equipped with optional fieldbus interfaces like INTERBUS, PROFIBUS DP, or DeviceNet for expanded connectivity.

Ambient Conditions

Protection category: IP 20, EN 60529
Permissible temperature: Operation 0...+55 °C
Storage/temperature -25...+70 °C
Relative humidity: Operation 10...95 %, condensation to be avoided
Storage/temperature 5...95 %, condensation to be avoided
Air pressure: Operation 86...106 kPa
Storage/temperature 70...106 kPa

Technical Data

Nominal value: 24 Vdc
Tolerance: -15 % / +20 % (according to EN 61131-2 1994)
Ripple percentage: 5 % max.
Permissible voltage range: 19.2...30 Vdc (including ripple content)
Max. current consumption for 24 Vdc
(MTS-R01): 0.5 A
(MTS-R02): 0.7 A
(supply voltage for I/O bus is up to max. 2.3 A)
Required fuse in the supply cable: Max. 4 A time-lag for 24 V
Cable cross-section for supply voltage: 0.75...1,5 mm² (depending on current demand)