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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

Indramat TVR Power Supplies

Indramat TVR

The TVR drives by Indramat function by rectifying three-phase mains AC into regulated DC bus voltage for motor power output. When operating as a generator, the TVR 3.1 acts as an inverter, returning energy to the mains. In case of power failure, or when power is switched off, energy generated by motor braking is dissipated by the TVR 3.1's bleeder resistor. The TVR includes an internal power contactor for disconnecting from the mains. It supplies low voltages to drive modules via wire ribbon cable, and during mains power failure, electronic voltages are provided from the DC bus circuit, ensuring functionality of drive electronics when operating as a generator.

Notable Features

1. Regenerative energy recovery allows the drive system to feed braking motor energy back into the power supply with minimal loss.
2. Direct mains connection is possible, allowing the TVR 3.1 to link directly to 380...480V, 50...60 Hz three-phase power supplies without a transformer.
3. An internal contactor provides the capability for automatic power shutdown for the drives, serving as an integrated power-off feature.
4. DC bus short-circuiting is a safety mechanism that halts servo drives by internally short-circuiting the DC bus in the event of an electronic fault.
5. Designed for high overload situations, this system can handle peak power up to 45 kW to accelerate motors.
6. Overcurrent protection is achievable through circuit breakers, avoiding the need for costly semiconductors and removing the requirement for specialized fuses in export models.


The TVR power supply module is compatible with various configurations and accessories. The main configuration includes the power supply module TVR 3.1-W015-03. Additionally, electrical accessories such as E1-TVR, E2-TVR, and E3-TVR are available. For inductors, options include the DC bus smoothing choke and GLD 17, as well as the commutation choke KD 23. Alternatively, it can be paired with the mains supply module and NM 1.2-15, along with wire-ribbon cable IN ... / ... (as detailed in section 8.4). Furthermore, compatibility extends to auxiliary bleeder module TBM 1.2-040-W1/024 for enhanced functionality.