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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

IndraControl L85

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The IndraControl L85 is an advanced industrial controller, engineered to meet the complex demands of modern automation systems. It is powered by an Intel Core2Duo processor with a clock speed of 1.2 GHz, ensuring efficient and rapid processing capabilities for a variety of applications. The device comes with a minimum of 256 MByte DRAM and 256 kByte RDS, with an option to extend the memory with an 8 MByte SRAM that is battery-buffered, offering enhanced performance and data retention. Its robust construction is reflected in its IP20 degree of protection, safeguarding against environmental factors in industrial settings. The L85 boasts versatile communication interfaces, including a standard Ethernet connection and optional interfaces like SERCOS III and PROFIBUS DP master-slave interfaces, along with additional Ethernet connectivity options for TCP/IP or Real-Time Ethernet (PROFINET RT or EtherNet/IP), making it a highly adaptable and reliable choice for complex automation tasks.

Key Features

1. High-Performance Processor: At its core, the Indracontrol L85 boasts an Intel Core2Duo processor with a 1.2 GHz clock speed, offering superior processing power for complex and demanding industrial applications.

2. Memory Configuration:
- Standard Memory: It comes equipped with a minimum of 256 MByte DRAM and a minimum of 256 kByte RDS, providing sufficient memory for basic operations.
- Optional Enhanced Memory: There's also an option to upgrade with an 8 MByte SRAM, which is battery-buffered. This feature ensures data retention and stable performance even during power interruptions.

3. Degree of Protection: With its IP20 rating, the L85 is well-protected against solid objects larger than 12mm, making it suitable for various industrial environments where dust and contact protection are necessary.

4. Communication Interfaces:
- Primary Ethernet Connectivity: It includes a standard Ethernet connection (RJ 45, 10Base-T, 100Base-TX), ensuring easy integration into most network infrastructures.
- Optional Interfaces:
- SERCOS III Interface: For applications requiring a master-slave interface, the SERCOS III option provides efficient and reliable communication, particularly in motion control scenarios.
-PROFIBUS DP Interface: This optional PROFIBUS DP master-slave interface is ideal for systems that use this established fieldbus technology.
- Additional Ethernet Option: The L85 can be equipped with 2 additional Ethernet connections (RJ 45, 10Base-T, 100Base-TX) for enhanced TCP/IP or real-time Ethernet connectivity, supporting protocols like PROFINET RT or EtherNet/IP.

5. Dimensions:

-Length: 175.9mm
- Width: 120mm

- Height: 107.4mm

The Indracontrol L85 is especially suited for high-end industrial automation, process control, and complex machinery applications. Its robust design and flexible communication options make it a reliable choice for industries seeking high performance and adaptability.

CML85 Type Code Breakdown

- Product:
- Main unit: CM
- Housing Design:
- Inline: L
- Line:
- ComExpress: 85
- Design:
- Intel Penryn: 1
- Communication Interface:
- Interface 1: Not equipped (Abbreviation "N")
- Interface 2: Not equipped (Abbreviation "N")
- Optional Interfaces:
- SERCOS III (Abbreviation "3")
- Profibus (Abbreviation "P")
- System Configuration:
- DRAM (MB): 1024 (Abbrev. "7")
- NvRAM (kB): Without (Abbrev. "0"); 512 (Abbrev. "5")
- SRAM (MB):Without (Abbrev. "0"); 16 (Abbrev. "5")
- Fan:
- Without: N
- Digital Inputs/Outputs:
- 8 inputs / 8 outputs: A
- Additional Design:
- None: NNNN
- Firmware:
- Without Firmware: NW

Overheating Precaution

Some precautions to avoid destruction by overheating include:
- The surrounding air temperature should be kept below 45°C to prevent overheating.
- The unit can operate at temperatures up to 55°C if air recirculation is present. If necessary, a fan should be used to maintain this temperature range; details on this can be found in the "Fan" section on page 72 of the documentation.
- If the internal temperature of the unit reaches approximately 80°C, it will automatically shut off to prevent damage.
- A warning "Temp !!!" will be displayed if the internal temperature is 70°C or higher.
- The user program can monitor the internal temperature of the IndraControl L45/L65/L85 using the "IH_Temperature" functions in the RIH_HW

It is crucial to monitor and manage the temperature of the CML85 unit carefully to avoid the risks associated with overheating, which can include system failure, reduced operational lifespan, and potential safety hazards.

The built-in temperature monitoring and control measures are designed to protect the unit and ensure safe operation. Users should ensure that they are familiar with the cooling requirements and follow the guidelines for temperature management to prevent overheating.

In cases where the temperature approaches the upper limits, proactive measures should be taken, such as improving air circulation with fans or triggering system safety protocols to reduce the temperature. Failure to manage the temperature effectively could result in the unit's automatic shutdown to prevent damage, or in severe cases, it could cause permanent damage to the unit.