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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

IndraDrive C

IndraDrive C products represent a line of versatile and efficient drive solutions designed by Bosch Rexroth for a wide range of industrial automation applications. These drives are renowned for their compact and space-saving design, making them ideal for installations with limited space availability. IndraDrive C drives are highly reliable, providing precise control over motion and speed, which is crucial in industrial settings. They are known for their ease of integration, allowing for quick and straightforward setup, reducing downtime and improving overall efficiency. With their advanced features, compatibility with various communication protocols, and robust build quality, IndraDrive C products have become a trusted choice for industries looking to enhance productivity and performance in their automated systems.

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  1. IndraDrive C Compact Single-Axis Drives: Bosch Rexroth's IndraDrive C Compact Single-Axis Drives are known for their compact and space-efficient design. These drives are typically suitable for applications where space is limited, making them a practical choice for various industries. They often feature easy installation and setup, contributing to reduced downtime during implementation. These compact drives provide precise control over single-axis motion, making them suitable for applications such as conveyor systems, packaging machinery, and material handling equipment.
  2. IndraDrive C Modular Multi-Axis Drives: IndraDrive C Modular Multi-Axis Drives offer a scalable solution for applications that require control over multiple axes. These drives are designed to work seamlessly together to provide synchronized and coordinated motion control for complex machinery, such as CNC machines, robotics, and automated production lines. They often support various communication protocols for easy integration into existing automation systems, enhancing flexibility and interoperability. With their modular nature, users can expand their systems as needed, making them a cost-effective choice for industries with evolving requirements.
  3. IndraDrive C Compact Cabinet-Free Drives: Some IndraDrive C models may feature a cabinet-free design, integrating drive electronics directly into the machine structure. This approach reduces the footprint, minimizes wiring complexity, and enhances system reliability by eliminating the risk of electromagnetic interference. These cabinet-free drives can be particularly advantageous for industries looking to optimize space and reduce maintenance costs. They are often compatible with a range of motors and controls, offering a flexible solution for various industrial applications.

IndraDrive HCS Specs

Based on the provided image, here's a bullet point list about the specifications for HCS01 drive controllers:

- Product Line: HCS (HCS01 drive controllers)
- Series: 01
- Design Number: 1
- Power Supply Unit:
E (Feeding)
- Cooling Type: W (Air, internal)
- Maximum Current Options:
- 0003 = 3 A
- 0005 = 5 A
- 0006 = 6 A
- 0008 = 8 A
- 0009 = 9 A
- 0013 = 13 A
- 0018 = 18 A
- 0028 = 28 A
- 0054 = 54 A
- Degree of Protection: A = IP20
- Mains Connection Voltage Options:
- 02 = 3 x AC 110 ... 230 V
- 03 = 3 x AC 200 ... 500 V
- Control Section Design:
- Communication Options:
- S3 = sercos 3 / EtherCAT
- CC = sercos 3 master (cross communication)
- ET = Multi-Ethernet

Key Features

A key feature of the IndraDrive C series is its modular design, which allows users to customize the drives according to specific requirements. This modularity extends to the power components, control units, and safety modules, ensuring a high degree of flexibility in system configuration. The drives are capable of supporting a variety of motor types, including synchronous, asynchronous, and linear motors, catering to different motion control needs.

Additionally, these drives offer a wide power range, accommodating both low-power applications and high-power demands with equal efficiency. The integration of advanced safety features, such as Safe Torque Off (STO) and Safe Brake Control (SBC), is a testament to Bosch Rexroth's commitment to operational safety and compliance with international standards. The IndraDrive C family also excels in connectivity and communication, supporting multiple interfaces like SERCOS III, ProfiNet, EtherCAT, and Ethernet/IP. This ensures seamless integration with various control systems and industrial networks. User-friendliness is another hallmark of these products, featuring intuitive interfaces, easy parameterization, and comprehensive diagnostic and maintenance tools.

Using with Third-Party Motors

When integrating HCS drives with third-party motors, several factors must be assessed to ensure successful and fail-safe operation:

- The third-party motor must be able to handle the voltage loads controlled by the HCS drive.
- Selection of an appropriate drive controller is crucial, and it should match the torque requirements delivered by the motor.
- The third-party motor should possess the necessary minimum inductance levels for proper operation.
- There must be provisions to protect the motor against excessive temperature rise due to overload, which includes temperature evaluation.
- The position measuring system mounted on the motor must be compatible with the drive controller, or a suitable position measuring system for kit motors should be chosen.

The voltage load on the motor's insulation system is significantly influenced by:

- The output variables of the drive controller, which are responsible for the distance over which power is transmitted.
- Cable parameters, including cable design and length, which affect the properties of the transmission distance such as attenuation.
- The motor design's capacitive and inductive properties, which shape the end of the transmission distance.