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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

IndraControl L25

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Indramat L25 products, part of the legacy range of control systems developed by Indramat, now Bosch Rexroth, were renowned for their reliability and precision in industrial automation applications. The L25 series, specifically, was designed to offer robust control solutions in a compact and user-friendly format. These products were typically used in a variety of automation processes, including machine control, assembly line management, and process automation. Known for their durability and efficient performance, the L25 controllers could handle complex tasks with ease and precision. They featured modular designs, allowing for flexible system configuration and integration with a range of industrial machinery and equipment. While the specific technical specifications varied within the series, the common attributes included high processing power, compatibility with various communication interfaces, and user-friendly operation interfaces.

CML25 Specs Breakdown

The Indramat Control L25, a part of the sophisticated range of control systems developed by Indramat and now maintained by Bosch Rexroth, is a powerful and versatile industrial controller. This particular model is driven by a Renesas SH7785 processor with a robust clock speed of 576 MHz, ensuring rapid and efficient processing for complex automation tasks. In terms of memory, it boasts a minimum of 256 MB DRAM, offering ample space for handling large-scale control processes. Additionally, it includes a minimum of 256 kB RDS, with an option to extend up to 8 or 16 MB of SRAM that is battery-buffered, enhancing its reliability and data retention capabilities.

A standout feature of the Control L25 is its comprehensive set of communication interfaces, which include a standard Ethernet connection (RJ 45, 10/100 base-T) and a third generation Sercos master-slave interface, allowing for high-speed, real-time communication and interoperability with a range of devices and networks. As an alternative to the Sercos interface, the controller offers the option of a Profibus DP master/slave interface or dual Ethernet connections (RJ 45, 10Base-T, 100 Base-TX), supporting TCP/IP or RT Ethernet protocols like Profinet RT or Ethernet/IP. This variety in communication interfaces makes the Control L25 highly adaptable and capable of integrating into diverse industrial environments, ranging from manufacturing automation to complex machine control. The combination of its powerful processor, extensive memory options, and versatile communication interfaces positions the Indramat Control L25 as a highly reliable and efficient solution for advanced industrial automation needs.

Additional Specs

- Voltage Supply:
- Nominal value: DC 24 V
- Tolerances: -15%, +20% (without residual ripple)
- Residual ripple: ± 5%
- Maximum voltage (Umax): 30 V
- Minimum voltage (Umin): 19.2 V
- Current Consumption:
- From U_Ls: Maximum 2 A
- From U_M and U_S: Maximum of 8 A in total
- Max. surrounding air temperature: +5 to +55 °C

In Operation
- Relative humidity: RH-2; 5% to 95% according to DIN EN 61131-2, non-condensing.
- Air pressure: Up to 2,700 m above MSL (Mean Sea Level) according to DIN 60204
- Mechanical strength:
- Max. vibration:
- Frequency range: 10 to 150 Hz
- Excursion: 0.075 mm for 10 to 57 Hz
- Acceleration: 1 g for 57 to 150 Hz according to EN 60068-2-6

- Temperature range: -25 °C to +70 °C
- Relative humidity: RH-2; 5% to 95% according to DIN EN 61131-2, non-condensing.
- Air pressure: Up to 3,000 m above MSL according to DIN 60204
- Mechanical strength:
- Max. shock: 15 g according to EN 60 068-2-27, no disturbance of the function.

IndraControl Type Code Breakdown

- Product: Main unit is designated as CM
- Housing Design: Inline, indicated with an "L"
- Line: SH4, referred to as "25"
- Design: Denoted with a "1"
- Communication Interface:
- Interface 1: Not equipped (N); SERCOS (3), PROFIBUS (P)
- Interface 2: Not equipped
- System Configuration:
- DRAM: 128 MB; Referred to as "4"
(Abbreviation column "12")
- NvRAM: Without; Referred to as "0"(Abbreviation column "13")
- SRAM: Without; Referred to as "0"
- Fan: Without, indicated with "N"
- Digital Inputs/Outputs: Without, indicated with "N"
- Additional Design: None, abbreviated as "NNNN"
- Firmware: Without firmware, abbreviated as "NW"