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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

Indramat VPP

Indramat VPP

The VPP 21 series consists of PC-based terminals for machine operators. These terminals are enclosed in a durable plastic housing with an IP 40 rating for the entire device and an IP 64 rating for the panel, ensuring a degree of protection against environmental elements. They feature a TFT display which may or may not include a touchscreen, and the specific display and operating components vary depending on the model. Designed for bracket mounting, they are particularly suitable for use as operator panel controls, with special pushbuttons like control ON, control OFF, and E-STOP. Additionally, they are equipped with an efficient industrial PC integrated into the unit. Navigation is facilitated by three keys located on the left and right sides of the housing. The VPP 21 terminals are designed to communicate with external components via standardized field bus systems and possess a modular computer unit that includes a power supply. All of these components are housed within the VPP 21 box, which fits within the terminal's plastic housing.

VPP16 Technical Data

VPP 16.1 BK DB
Display 12" TFT 12" TFT
Touch screen No Yes
Keys 16 machine function keys No
Profibus DP Slave Available Not available

VPP21 Technical Data

Specification VPP 21.1 BQ VPP 21.1 BP
Display 14" TFT, 1024 * 768 pixels
Operation Keys Keys Touch
Interface Bosch Rexroth Design
Degree of Protection Front panel IP 64 according to DIN 40 050, IEC 529

VPP40 Technical Data

Display 15" TFT 17" TFT 17" TFT
Touch screen No Yes Yes
Keys (keypad) 16 machine function keys No No
Profibus DP Slave Available Not available Not available

VPP60 Technical Data

VPP 60.1 BL
Display 12"
Touch screen No
Keys (keypad) Machine function keys and alphanumeric keys