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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

Indramat TVD

Indramat TVD

The TVD 1.3 system accommodates connected loads from power systems of 3 x AC 380-480V, 50-60Hz, eliminating the need for a transformer. Additional auxiliary units such as the NAM 1.3 are available to suppress reactions on the power system. Moreover, the TVD 1.3 features integrated internal contactors for powering down the drives' power system, ensuring efficient shutdown procedures. Additionally, it incorporates internal DC bus dynamic braking functionality, allowing motors with permanent magnetic fields to be safely brought to a standstill in the event of fault conditions within the drive electronics, enhancing overall system safety and reliability.

- Input voltage: 3 x 380 to 480 volts AC, with a tolerance of ±10%.
- Frequency: 50 to 60 Hertz.
- Incoming power: 300 volt-amperes (VA).

Notable Features

The Indramat TVD system offers a regulated DC bus voltage, ensuring stable operation even under mains undervoltage conditions. It features a charging current limit for the DC bus capacitors, reducing inrush current and prolonging the service life of switching devices in the power system. With the capability to mount up to ten drive modules to one supply module, it offers extreme load capabilities for control voltage. The system is designed for easy servicing, with signal leads connected via plug-in screw clamps. Additionally, the TVD 1.3 is available in two power stages, with options for continuous DC bus power of 7.5 kW or 15 kW, allowing optimal matching to application requirements. Furthermore, the TVD 1.3 boasts overload capabilities for short-duration acceleration of feed and main drives, with maximum possible acceleration power specified in project planning guidelines to ensure safe operation.

Technical Data

Designation Symbol Unit TVD 1.3-15-3 TVD 1.3-08-3
Power section
Input voltage U(ACN) (V) 3 x 380 ... 480 (± 10%)
Frequency f(N) (Hz) 50 ...60
DC bus voltage U(DC) (V) 320 (± 5%)
Continuous DC bus power P(DC) (kW) 15 7.5
Peak DC bus power (for 0.3 s) P(KB-03) (kW) 45 22.5
Bleeder continuous power P(BD) (kW) 1 0.5
Bleeder peak power P(BM) (kW) 40 20
Maximum regenerated energy W(max) (kWs) 60 30
Power dissipation with maximum power (without bleeder loss) P(v) (W) 330 180
Basic loss (W) 75
Power loss per kW continuous DC bus power 17 14

Ambient Conditions

Ambient conditions Symbol Unit
Permissible ambient temperature with rated data T(um) (°C) +5 ... +45
Maximum permissible ambient temperature with derated data T(umr) (°C) 55
Storage and transport temperatures T(L) (°C) -30 ... +85
Installation elevation with derating max. 1000 meters above sea level
Permissible relative humidity max. 95%
Permissible absolute humidity 25g water / m³ Luft
Protection category IP 10 per DIN 40 050
Contamination level non-conductive dirt, no condensate