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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

Indramat RAC

Indramat RAC

The RAC Spindle Drive is an advanced drive system designed for high precision and performance in demanding industrial environments. Its robust design allows for a wide range of input voltage options, including 3 x AC 400V at different frequencies, with variations accommodating up to 460V. This adaptability ensures compatibility with a variety of power supply standards across different regions. The RAC series can handle significant load capacities, with type currents available up to 400A, making it suitable for heavy-duty operations.

One of the critical features of the RAC Spindle Drive is its cooling efficiency, achieved through a built-in fan, ensuring optimal operating temperatures and consistent performance. The drive is engineered to deliver continuous and peak power outputs, with models like the RAC 2.2-200 offering 55 kW continuous and peak outputs, and the RAC 2.2-250 going up to 65 kW and 78 kW respectively. Additionally, the series boasts impressive regeneration capabilities, which contribute to energy efficiency by recycling energy back into the system during deceleration phases.

RAC Type Code

These specifications outline the various configurations and features available for the RAC series device.

- Designation: RAC
- Series: 2
- Design: 2
- Type current options: 200 A, 250 A, 300 A, 400 A
- Rated connections voltage options:
- 3 x AC 400V/50-60Hz
- 3 x AC 400V/50Hz, 3 x AC 460V/60Hz
- Speed set-point options:
- analogue (±10 V) - A
- digital (16 bit parallel) - D
- SERCOS interface - L
- Additional encoder input options:
- Without additional encoder input - O
- Additional encoder input for spindle feedback or second motor feedback - P
- Additional encoder and synchronous input (Speed set-point = A) - Y
- Additional interface options:
- Without additional interface - O
- Rated position value, digital (16 bit parallel) - D
- Serial interface (RS 232 C) - S
- Incremental encoder output - I
- Additional bleeder options:
- Without additional bleeder - W
- With additional bleeder - Z
- Cooling: With built-in fan - 1

RAC Technical Specs

Designation Symbol Unit RAC 2.2-200 RAC 2.2-250
Cooling via built-in fan via built-in fan
Rated connection voltage U(AC) V 380V-type: 3 x AC 400 V, 50-60Hz, ±15%/10% 460V-type: 3 x AC 400 V, 50 Hz, ± 15% or 3 x AC 460 V, 60 Hz, ± 10% 380V-type: 3 x AC 400 V, 50-60Hz, ±15%/10% 460V-type: 3 x AC 400 V, 50 Hz, ± 15% or 3 x AC 460 V, 60 Hz, ± 10%
Continuous controller output (as relates to motor output shaft) P(cont) kW 55 65
Peak controller output (as relates to motor output shaft) P(max) kW 55 78
Continuous regeneration output (as relates to motor output shaft) P(reg) kW 37 43
Peak regeneration output (max. 5 secs.) (as relates to motor output shaft) P(reg.max) kW 55 78
Weight of controllers m kg 121 121
Weight of mounting frame M1-RAC4 m kg 2 2
Weight of accessories M2-RAC (hose cooling) m kg 1.7 1.7

Ambient Conditions

For optimal performance, and maintaining a long lasting drive, it is advised to only use the RAC Spindle drive in the ambient conditions specified below.

Environmental conditions Unit Specification
Perm. ambient temperature range with rated data °Celsius +5 ... +45
Max. perm. ambient temperature range with rated data reduced to 80% °Celsius +55
Storage and Transport Temperatures °Celsius -30 ... +85
Installation altitudes without reduction of rated data m above sea level max. 1000
Perm. humidity in acc. with humidity category F acc. to DIN 40 040
Type of protection IP 10 acc. to EN 60 529 (DIN VDE 0470)