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IndraControl L45

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The Bosch Rexroth IndraControl L45 is a highly advanced industrial controller, designed to efficiently manage complex automation tasks. It embodies the cutting-edge of control technology, offering a blend of power, precision, and flexibility. The L45 is known for its robust processing capabilities, which enable it to handle intricate control processes with ease. It's designed to be modular and scalable, allowing for customization and expansion to meet the specific demands of various industrial applications. The controller supports multiple communication protocols, ensuring seamless integration with other systems and machinery in a diverse range of industrial environments. Additionally, the IndraControl L45 is user-friendly, featuring an intuitive interface and straightforward programming capabilities, which simplify operation and maintenance. This makes it an ideal solution for sectors like manufacturing, processing, and packaging, where reliability and efficiency are paramount. With its combination of advanced technology, adaptable design, and ease of use, the IndraControl L45 stands as a top-tier choice for businesses looking to optimize their automation processes.

CML45 Specs Breakdown

The IndraControl L45, powered by an AMD LX800 processor clocking at 500 MHz, stands out as a robust and efficient controller in industrial automation. This processor ensures the L45 can handle complex control tasks with the necessary speed and reliability. The inclusion of a minimum of 256 MB DRAM and 256 kB RDS provides the controller with ample memory for processing large datasets and running intricate control algorithms. Additionally, the option to include 8 or 16 MB of SRAM, which is battery-buffered, further enhances its reliability and data retention capabilities, especially in scenarios of power fluctuations or outages.

In terms of connectivity, the IndraControl L45 is well-equipped to integrate into a variety of industrial networks. It features a standard Ethernet connection (RJ 45, 10Base-T, 100Base-TX), which is essential for network communication in most industrial settings. The flexibility of the system is further highlighted by its optional interfaces: a third-generation Sercos master-slave interface and a Profibus DP master-slave interface. These options allow for high-speed, real-time communication and interoperability with a range of devices and networks. Additionally, the controller can support two Ethernet connections for TCP/IP or RT Ethernet protocols like Profinet RT or Ethernet/IP, offering broader connectivity and enhancing its suitability for modern industrial environments where diverse communication protocols are in use. This combination of powerful processing, significant memory capacity, and versatile communication options positions the IndraControl L45 as a highly capable controller, suited for a wide array of automation tasks requiring precision, speed, and reliability.

Processor: AMD LX800 @ 500 MHz
- RAM: Min. 256 MByte DRAM
- Optional: 8 MByte SRAM - battery buffered
Interface to function modules: Bosch Rexroth PC104Plus
- Interface to I/O terminals: Rexroth Inline interface
Communication interfaces: 1 x Ethernet connection (RJ 45, 10Base-T, 100Base-TX)
Optional Communication interfaces:
- 1 x SERCOS III master-slave interface
- 1 x PROFIBUS DP master-slave interface
- 2 x Ethernet connection (RJ 45, 10Base-T, 100 Base-TX) for TCP/IP or RT Ethernet (PROFINET RT or EtherNet/IP)
Ready Contact: 1 x single-pin ready contact
Inputs and outputs:
- 8 electrically isolated digital inputs & 8 outputs
- Weight: 1.8 kg
Degree of protection: IP 20

CML45 Type Code Breakdown

Based on the provided image, here is a bullet point list of the CML45 specifications:

- Product:
- Main unit: CM
- Housing Design:
- Inline: L
- Line:
- ComExpress: 45
- Design:
- LX800, 500 MHz: 1
- Communication Interface:
- Interface 1: Not equipped (Abbreviation "N")
- Interface 2: Not equipped (Abbreviation "N")
- Optional Interfaces:
- SERCOS III (Abbreviation "3")
- Profibus (Abbreviation "P")
- System Configuration:
- DRAM (MB): Options not specified, but column abbreviation is 12
- NvRAM (kB): Options not specified, but column abbreviation is 13
- SRAM (MB): Options not specified, but column abbreviation is 14
- Fan:
- Without: N
- Digital Inputs/Outputs:
- 8 inputs / 8 outputs: A
- Additional Design:
- None: NNNN
- Firmware:
- Without firmware: NW