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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

Indramat TDA

Indramat TDA

The TDA 1 controller is designed for integration with CNC machinery, working alongside controllers for feed axes to enhance machine functionality. It is tailored for precise control of the machine’s drive through its combination of a power supply module, modular main spindle, and servo drive controllers, allowing for the customized setup necessary for specific CNC tasks. The controller facilitates the spindle’s operation as a servo axis with a C-axis mode, leveraging a high-accuracy position control loop and a high-resolution feedback device for maintaining low-speed accuracy.

Additionally, the TDA 1 is equipped with several interfaces: an incremental encoder output for precise position control in C-axis mode or thread cutting, a serial interface for parameter management, and a digital position command input supporting 16-bit parallel commands for a wide range of selectable positions through a PLC. This array of features positions the TDA 1 as a highly adaptable component for CNC machine tool applications, offering both flexibility and precision.

TDA Type Code

- Designation:
- Series:
- 1
- Version:
- 1
- Rated Current Options:
- 50 A (050)
- 100 A (100)
- DC Link Circuit Rated Voltage:
- DC 300V (3)
- Command Value Options:
- Analog +/- 10V (A)
- Digital (16-bit parallel) (D)
- SERCOS interface (L)
- Additional Encoder Input Options:
- Without additional encoder input (O)
- With additional encoder for spindle feedback or 2nd motor feedback signal (P)
- With additional encoder and synch. input (exclusively with AS 35 and speed command value = A) (Y)
- Additional Interface Options:
- Without additional interface (O)
- Position command, digital (16 bit parallel) (D)
- Serial interface (RS 232 C) (S)
- Incremental encoder output (I)

Technical Data

Designation Symbol Unit TDA 4050-3 TDA 4100-3
Cooling principle with air inside control cabinet
Link circuit rated voltage U(DC) V 300 300
Current rating I(typ.) A 50 100
Continuous effective current I(cont) A 35 70
Power consumption (bus for control voltage)
+24V load voltage I(+UL) A 1.2 1.4
±15V test voltage I(±UM) mA 160 160
Weight of controller m kg 10.5 10.5

Ambient Operating Data

Operating conditions Unit Values
Permissible ambient temperature range at nominal ratings ° Celsius +5 to +45
Max. permissible ambient temperature at reduced ratings ° Celsius +55
Storage and transportation temperature ° Celsius -30 to +85
Max. altitude without limitation of nominal ratings 1000 meters above sea level
Permissible humidity of air as per humidity class F as per DIN 40 040
Protection type IP 10 as per DIN 40 050