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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

Indramat HVR

Indramat HVR

The electronic amplifier cards, Model VT 1600, serve the purpose of controlling servo valves such as the Model 4WS.EM, 2DS1EO, and 3DS2EH, particularly in closed-loop applications, without LVDT feedback. They boast several integral features, including a voltage stabilizer ensuring consistent performance, a faceplate-mounted ammeter for rapid current reference, and an integrated PID control circuit for optimal position control or constant velocity circuits. Notably, users can fine-tune performance through quick adjustments of PID values via accessible internal potentiometers. Additionally, these cards offer expanded control capabilities beyond standard PID closed-loop systems, with compatibility for external control inputs like VE 102 or UK 2 system cards, ensuring enhanced versatility.

HVR Technical Data

Designation Symbol Unit Designation of the power supply unit
HVR02.2-W010N HVR02.2-W025N HVR02.2-W045N
Power supply Input voltage V 3 x 380 ... 480 (± 10 %)
Frequency Hz 50 ... 60 (± 2 Hz)
DC bus voltage V 750
Output power DC bus continuous power kW 10 25 45
DC bus peak output (for 0,3 s) kW 30 75 135
Regenerated power (Bleeder power) Continuous bleeder power kW 0 (Bleeder has not been designed for Emergency Stop)
Peak bleeder power kW 120
Maximum regenerated energy kWs 80
Power loss Power loss at max. continuous output (without bleeder losses) W 300 750 1350
Basic losses W 150
Power losses per kW DC bus continuous power W/kW 15 24 27

Ambient Conditions

Condition Value
Permissible ambient temperature with rated data TA1 °C +5 ... +45
Maximum permissible ambient temperature with derated data TA2 °C +55
Storage and transport temperature TL °C -30 ... +85
Installation elevation without power reduction 1000 m above sea level
Maximum permissible relative humidity 95 %
Permissible absolute humidity 25 g water/m³ air
Protection category IP 10 per EN60529 / IEC529
Degree of dirt contamination no dirt contamination, no condensation

Combining Filters

The combining filters are designed specifically for use with HVR supply modules and should not have any other devices connected to their outlet side. If other components in the control cabinet require suppression, it's recommended to use appropriate interference suppression, such as a line filter NFD02.x, preferably installed at the cabinet entry. It's not recommended to place an additional interference suppression filter in series with the combining filter (HZF), as this could lead to non-linear behavior affecting the combining filters' performance due to saturation of the chokes.

These combining filters are housed in a housing suitable for the DIAX04 family and should be mounted directly adjacent to the supply module, either on the right or left side.