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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

Indramat SOT Panels

Indramat SOT Panels

The Indramat Station Operator Terminal (SOT) is a supplementary control device designed to enhance the functionality of the DLC. It is mounted remotely and offers advanced features beyond those available on the standard DLC control panel. With its 4-7/8" by 2-3/4" display, the SOT can exhibit up to 16 lines of 40 characters, providing a more comprehensive view than the DLC's four-line display. The screen is built with a non-glare LCD and utilizes a cold cathode fluorescent lamp for backlighting, which ensures high contrast for both black and white displays. Additionally, the contrast level can be adjusted to suit user preferences for optimal visibility. The SOT is also equipped with software that includes helpful instructional screens, facilitating the user's interaction with the device and aiding in accurate information input.

The Station Operator Terminal (SOT) is capable of interfacing with the DLC's serial communications port and can be conveniently situated as far as a kilometer away using an RS-485 cable, highlighting its suitability for various setups. Detailed guidance for using the SOT is available in the form of a user's manual at the end of the provided documentation. Pre-configured with screens suitable for DLC-R applications, the SOT also offers customization options through Indramat's ScreenManager™ software, allowing for additional personalized screen setups. This software, tailored for command line operations, is compatible with DOS-based computing systems, adding a layer of versatility for users in configuring the device to meet their specific requirements.

Use with other products

The DLC system necessitates the integration of a DEA 4 card into its U2 slot for optimal functionality. This card is vital as it equips the system with 15 inputs and 16 outputs for managing various tasks. Moreover, the DLC system is designed to support bidirectional communication, enabling it to send and receive essential data such as batch programs, parameters, and system statuses with a host device. Such devices could include computers or Indramat's Station Operator Terminals (SOT), which connect through a versatile multi-format serial communications port. This feature is crucial for ensuring that the SOT panels can work seamlessly with other components within the broader system.

BTV04 Technical Data

Category Specification
Front Panel Aluminum with 38 keys
Display 128 x 64 pixel high-contrast graphical LC display with LED backlighting and dark mode
Enclosure Impact-resistant ergonomic IP65-rated enclosure
Cable Plug-in connecting cable
Control Keys 9 machine control keys with LEDs
Customizable Keys 7 machine control keys with LEDs, insert strips for customized labeling
Microcontroller Series 68000 microcontroller
Memory 1 MByte flash memory
RAM 512 KByte RAM
Interfaces RS232 and RS485 Indramat standard interfaces
Inputs 10 x 24 V inputs
Outputs 11 x 24 V outputs for external wiring