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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

Indramat KSM

Indramat KSM

The KSM distributed servo drive is a comprehensive motion control solution that includes a servo motor available in four sizes (041, 061, 071, 076), each with a shaft and shaft sealing ring. It is designed to work with a single electronic drive system suitable for all KSM models. The drive utilizes a hybrid cable that handles both power supply and communication, streamlining the connectivity between components. It is equipped with both single and multi-turn absolute encoders for precise position tracking and may include an optional holding brake for added control and safety. The integrated motion logic is compliant with the IEC 61131-3 standard, ensuring reliable performance and interoperability. Communication is facilitated via SERCOS interface, known for its robustness and real-time capabilities. The entire system is designed to meet a high degree of protection, rated at IP65, making it suitable for challenging industrial environments where dust and water resistance are critical.

Available Connections:
The distributed servo drives KSM feature a standardized set of electrical connections across all sizes. They are equipped with:

- Two power connections utilizing hybrid connectors that manage power, control voltage, master communication, and status messages. These connectors facilitate looping through the bus cable.
- Two I/O connectors with an M12, 5-pin configuration.
- One RS232 interface with an M12, 8-pin configuration.

All of these connections are designed as plug-in connectors, and when used with Rexroth's pre-fabricated cables, they enable a straightforward, rapid, and error-free mounting and commissioning process.

KSM Type Code

Product KSM
Line 01
Design 2
Performance B (Basic)
Size 041, 061, 071, 076
Length C (For sizes 041, 061, 071, 076)
Winding 041C = 42
061C = 35, 61
071C = 24, 35
076C = 35
Cooling mode N (Natural convection)
Encoder S1 (Optical encoder, singleturn Hyperface with 128 increments)
M1 (Optical encoder, multiturn Hyperface with 128 increments)
Electrical connection H (Connector, hybrid)
Shaft G (Plain shaft with shaft sealing ring)
P (Shaft with keyway per DIN 6885-1 with shaft sealing ring)
Holding brake 0 (Without holding brake)
2 (Holding brake, DC 24 V, electrically-released)
Master communication SE (SERCOS 2 (RS422))
Safety option (X41) NN (Without safety technology)
Connecting voltage D7 (DC 750 V)
Other design NN (None)
Firmware FW (Denotes that firmware must be ordered as separate subposition)

Technical Data

Description Symbol Unit KSM01.2 B-041C-42N--0 KSM01.2 B-061C-35N--0 KSM01.2 B-071C-24N--0 KSM01.2 B-071C-35N--0 KSM01.2 B-076C-35N--0
Listing according to UL standard UL UL 508 C
Listing according to CSA standard UL Canadian National Standard(s) C22.2 No. 14-05
UL files UL E 134201
Short circuit current rating SCCR Arms 42000
Maximum bypass current UL A 25,0
Ambient temperature range for operation with nominal data Ta_work °C 0...40
Degree of protection according to IEC60529 IP 65

Appropriate Use

KSM motors are suitable for a variety of typical industrial applications such as handling and mounting systems, packaging and food machines, printing and paper processing machines, and machine tools. They should be operated in accordance with the conditions specified in the documentation, including the appropriate assembly, installation positions, and environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

In contrast, it is deemed inappropriate to use KSM drive controllers outside their specified operating conditions. This includes usage in environments that don't align with the ambient conditions described, such as underwater operations, areas with extreme temperature fluctuations, or excessively high temperatures. Additionally, drive controllers should not be employed for applications not expressly authorized by Rexroth, and adherence to general Safety Instructions is mandatory to ensure proper use.