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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

Indramat PST6 Power Units

Indramat PST6

The PST 6000 thyristor power units are designed to control welding transformers, offering a range of integrated features and functionalities for enhanced performance and flexibility. They come with an integrated control system and a weld timer that is part of the central processing unit (CPU), ensuring precise management of welding operations. For adaptability in various setups, they provide flexible parallel and/or serial I/O interfaces, as well as optional fieldbus interfaces for communication, allowing for easier integration into different industrial environments. These power units also feature separate control and monitoring functions to ensure reliable and efficient operation. Additionally, the PST 6000 units offer slots for a type-specific I/O interface, a field bus module for programming, and a quality module, all of which are optional for customization based on the specific needs of the application. The units can be either air or water-cooled, depending on the requirements of the installation environment, ensuring they maintain optimal temperatures during operation.

Notable Features

The PST-6000 products boast a range of features designed for efficiency and optimization. They include integrated control functionality, ensuring streamlined operations. An integrated weld timer contributes to precise process timing, while flexible parallel and/or serial I/O interfaces offer versatile connectivity options. For communication, the system provides fieldbus interfaces. There are dedicated integrated control and monitoring functions, with the control functionality being separate from monitoring for clarity and efficiency. The products can be either air or water cooled, depending on the requirements, and their design necessitates less cabling due to the integration of system components. They are also geared towards quality with functionality designed for welding quality optimization. The system can be easily integrated into a portable welding box system (SCHWEISSKOFFER), enhancing its portability and convenience. Lastly, the BOS-5000 operator interface facilitates easy programming, operation, and diagnostics, making the user experience as smooth and straightforward as possible.

Technical Data

Parameter Specification
Nominal system current; max. continuous thermal current 130 A
Voltage supply; Weld timer CPU; I/O interface 24 V DC; min. 19 V DC up to max. 30 V DC as per EN 61131-2, (external power supply), or, alternatively, power supply from the weld current system (internal power supply)
Duty cycle (ED) max. 50% duty cycle permitted (regardless of possible power unit operating currents, limited by the built-in 2.2 kΩ de-excitation resistor)
Clock frequency 50/60 Hz
Overvoltage protection MOV; Metal Oxide Varistor
Electrical connection, mains supply and transformer via box terminal; max. 50 mm²
Wire range 50 mm²
Basic switchgear cabinet loss 70 W
Weight approx. 12.5 kg
Mounting position vertical or with its back on mounting plate

Ambient Conditions

Degree of protection IP 20; designed for modular enclosure or for installation in switchgear cabinets with IP 54
Thyristor power unit ambient temperature max. 55°C
Cooling air, max. 45°C
Temperature monitoring integrated
Storage temperature -25°C to +70°C
Corrosion The ambient air must be free of acids, caustic solutions, corrosive agents, salts and metal vapors of any major concentration
Humidity Humidity class F as per DIN 40040; 20°C at 90% relative humidity; 40°C at 50% relative humidity (as per VDE 0113); Moisture condensation on the thyristor power units must be prevented.
Air pressure Any within a range of up to 2000 m above sea level