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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

IndraDrive M

IndraDrive M products represent a cutting-edge line of drive and control solutions offered by Bosch Rexroth, a renowned leader in industrial automation technology. These products are designed to deliver superior performance, precision, and efficiency in a wide range of industrial applications. IndraDrive M drives are known for their modular and scalable design, making them highly adaptable to various machinery and production environments. They incorporate advanced features such as integrated safety functions, energy-saving capabilities, and seamless connectivity, enabling manufacturers to optimize their processes and reduce downtime. With a reputation for reliability and innovation, IndraDrive M products have become a trusted choice for industries seeking to enhance productivity and competitiveness in the ever-evolving world of automation and motion control.

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IndraDrive M Products

HMS Drives

The IndraDrive HMS series represents a state-of-the-art drive solution from Rexroth Indramat, engineered to meet demanding industrial requirements. The cooling mode is internal air with an integrated blower, which is highly efficient for thermal management during operation. The maximum current capability for this model is diverse, ranging from 20A to 350A. It provides a high level of protection with an IP20 rating, ensuring safety and durability in environments where exposure to solid objects is a concern.

HMD Drives

The IndraDrive HMD is a robust and precision-engineered drive system designed for comprehensive industrial applications. As per the detailed specifications, this HMD unit has an option to be without a power supply (specified with N, HMD01.1N), allowing for more freedom to choose the power supply for your system. The specified Cooling mode is Internal Air through an integrated blower. The Eff. Peak Current for the HMD Drives ranges from 12A, 20A, or 36A, with 0012, 0020, and 0036 specifying the model's Peak Current respectively.

HMV Power Supplies

The HMV Power Supplies are designed to offer a versatile range of outputs to suit various applications. The product line appears to be categorized under the HMV designation, with specific models indicated by different line and design numbers, such as '01' for the line and '1' for the design. The power supplies can be fed (notated as 'E') or regenerative (notated as 'R'), with the option for air cooling through an integrated blower, as indicated by 'W'.

The rated output section details a selection of power supply units ranging from 18 kW to 120 kW. For example, the 18 kW unit does not require a choke and is not regenerative, as denoted by the absence of 'X' under 'Power supply E with choke' and 'R'. In contrast, the 120 kW unit is both fed with a choke and regenerative, marked by 'X' under both 'E' and 'R'. Each unit is assigned a unique code, from '0018' to '0120', likely corresponding to their power output and features.

The protection mode for these power supplies is listed as 'IP 20'. The DC-bus nominal voltage is specified as DC 700V, with a 1 x AC 400V +10%, -15% input, suggesting a robust range for power input stability. The models also have options for other designs, such as a 'Demo system', indicating that customizable or demonstration setups are possible within this product range. The given specifications point to a comprehensive lineup of power supplies suited for a variety of industrial and commercial uses, where customization and adaptability are key.

Possible Combinations

The IndraDrive M product line offers a wide array of possible combinations to cater to the diverse needs of industrial automation. Its modular design allows for versatile and customized configurations, making it suitable for a broad range of applications. Customers can choose from various HMV supply units and pair them with compatible HMS and HMD drive controllers, enabling the creation of tailored drive systems. The scalability of power supply ensures that the system can adapt to varying power requirements, while the integrated mains contactor enhances safety and control. With the option to expand the number of axes and the availability of different mounting depths for HMV and HMS units, users can design systems that precisely match their specific machinery and production setups. Additionally, the inclusion of supplementary components like DC bus resistor units and DC bus capacitor units further enhances the flexibility of IndraDrive M, making it a highly versatile and adaptable choice for optimizing industrial processes.

1. IndraDrive M Multi-Axis Servo Drive System: The IndraDrive M Multi-Axis Servo Drive System is a versatile and high-performance solution designed for demanding motion control applications. This model offers exceptional scalability, allowing users to configure drive systems with multiple axes, from two to 240, to suit the specific requirements of their machinery. It supports a wide range of motor types and provides outstanding precision and dynamics, ensuring precise control of speed and position. With integrated safety functions and compatibility with various fieldbus communication protocols, such as EtherCAT and SERCOS, the IndraDrive M Multi-Axis Servo Drive System is an ideal choice for complex automation setups where flexibility and performance are paramount.

2. IndraDrive M Single-Axis Servo Drive: The IndraDrive M Single-Axis Servo Drive is a compact and efficient drive system tailored for single-axis motion control applications. This model is renowned for its energy-saving capabilities, featuring regenerative power feedback that can significantly reduce energy consumption and heat generation. It is also equipped with advanced safety functions, making it suitable for applications requiring high levels of operational safety. With its easy-to-use interface and support for various feedback devices, the IndraDrive M Single-Axis Servo Drive simplifies installation and setup while delivering reliable and precise control for a wide range of industrial processes.

3. IndraDrive M Cabinet-Free Drive System: The IndraDrive M Cabinet-Free Drive System is a groundbreaking solution that eliminates the need for traditional control cabinets in many automation setups. This model integrates drive electronics directly into the machine structure, reducing the footprint and wiring complexity of the system. It offers exceptional flexibility, allowing for decentralized motion control in applications where space constraints are a concern. The cabinet-free design not only reduces installation and maintenance costs but also enhances system reliability by minimizing the risk of electromagnetic interference and simplifying cooling requirements. With its modular architecture and compatibility with Rexroth's extensive range of motors and controls, the IndraDrive M Cabinet-Free Drive System represents a forward-thinking approach to modern automation technology.