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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207
Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

Pacific Scientifc PMA Motors

PMA Brushless Servo Motors

Pacific Scientific's PMA series of brushless servomotors and drives are the result of careful analysis of real-world motion control applications, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance. By utilizing matched SCE900 and SC900 drives, these motors deliver higher usable torque, tailored to meet the demands of diverse applications. With a wide voltage range of 240 to 480V ac, the PMA series stands out as the industry's most rugged and comprehensive line of servomotors, offering reliability, customizability, and cost-effectiveness. Selected models boast an IP67 rating for rugged construction, enhancing equipment reliability, while CE compliance and medium-voltage capability widen the scope of potential applications worldwide. Pacific Scientific's commitment to quality and customer support is evident in their ability to offer custom solutions tailored to specific needs, making the PMA series the ultimate choice for motion control requirements.

PMA Type Code

The PMA Motors come with various options, which are specified by their respective codes below.

- Manufacturer: Pacific Scientific
- Product Type: Brushless Servomotor
- Product Series: PMA
- Frame Size: 1 (55mm motor body square)
- Stack Length: 2 (Stack length in multiples)
- Winding: A (Winding Designator for 240V AC maximum with Nominal Stall Current, ARMS of 1.3)
- Brake: 0 (No brake)
- Connector: 1 (6PP, 12PSO)
- Sensor: 00 (Standard alignment resolver)
- Shaft: 0 (Smooth shaft, DIN42955 N)
- Customization Code, Factory Assigned: 00 (Indicates standard motor)

Motor Dimensions

Motor L Max (mm/in)
PMA21 145/5.7
PMA22 170/6.7
PMA23 195/7.7
PMA24 220/8.7
PMA42 185/7.3
PMA43 210/8.3
PMA44 235/9.2
PMA45 260/10.2
PMA53 205/8.1
PMA54 230/9.0
PMA55 255/10.0
PMA57 305/12.0
PMA65 205/8.1
PMA66 230/9.0
PMA67 255/10.0
PMA69 305/12.0