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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

IndraDrive RZR

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Indradrive RZR

Indramat RZR Frequency Converters represent a pinnacle of precision and reliability in the realm of industrial automation. Renowned for their seamless integration into complex machinery and systems, these converters exhibit unparalleled performance in regulating motor speeds with utmost accuracy. Designed by the prestigious engineering firm Indramat, a subsidiary of Bosch Rexroth, the RZR series embodies cutting-edge technology tailored to meet the demands of modern manufacturing processes. With advanced features such as dynamic frequency response and adaptive control algorithms, these converters ensure optimal operation under diverse conditions, enhancing productivity and efficiency across industrial sectors. Whether in automotive assembly lines or intricate robotic applications, the Indramat RZR Frequency Converters stand as a testament to innovation, setting the standard for precision control in motion systems worldwide.

RZR Type Code

- Product: RZR
- Line: 1
- Design: 1
- Controller function:
- RD51 U/f characteristic control
- RD52 with field-oriented vector control
- Effective maximum current for HPS:
- 610 A
- 880 A
- Circuit technique:
- Parallel
- Single
- Inverter control:
- For motor inverter
- For regenerative mains inverter
- Firmware: Denotes that firmware must be ordered as a separate subposition

Technical Data

Ambient temperature 0 – 40 °C
Level of noise suppression / immunity to interference A 2 acc. to EN 55011 / EN 61800-3 only together with all required components for SFT
Type of enclosure IP20 acc. to EN 60529 (without connection terminals)
Weight 6.5 kg
Input voltage V 24 ± 5%, ripple max 5%
max. current consumption A 12
Environmental class 3K3 acc. to DIN IEC 721-3-3