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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

Indramat KCU Drives

Indramat KCU

The Indramat KCU series is characterized by its compact and efficient design, tailored for precision and reliability in industrial applications. The KCU01 model, in particular, stands out with its nominal current capacity of 25 A, ensuring robust performance for demanding tasks. It offers a degree of protection rated at IP20 according to IEC60529, indicating a solid defense against solid objects but not liquids. The unit's physical dimensions are optimized for integration into various systems, with a height of 352 mm, a depth of 206 mm, and a narrow width of only 50 mm, allowing for tight spacing in complex configurations. Moreover, it maintains minimum clearance distances of 80 mm at the top and 110 mm at the bottom, ensuring safe operation and sufficient airflow for cooling. The absence of horizontal spacing reinforces its sleek design, making the KCU01 a compact yet powerful component for automation and drive systems.

KCU Technical Data

*Specifically for KCU01-2H-SE-SE*-025-NN-S-NN-NW
Description Symbol Unit KCU01-2H-SE-SE*-025-NN-S-NN-NW
Degree of protection according to IEC60529 IP20
Mass (weight) m kg 3.80
Device height (UL*) H mm 352
Device depth (UL*) T mm 206
Device width (UL*) B mm 50
Minimum distance on the top of the device* dtop mm 80
Minimum distance on the bottom of the device* dbot mm 110
Horizontal spacing on the device* dhor mm 0

KCU Type Code

Specification Detail Code
Product KCU KCU01
Line 1 01
Design 2 2
Configuration option Fixed configuration N
Master communication (Input) SERCOS 2 (LWL) SE
Master communication (Output) SERCOS 2 (RS422) SE*
DC Protection Nominal current: 25 A 025
Safety option Without safety option NN
Control panel Standard control panel S
Other design None NN
Firmware Without Firmware NW

Appropriate Use

For the safe operation and maintenance of KCU drives, strict safety protocols must be observed. Only personnel with the requisite qualifications and training are authorized to handle these electric components. It is imperative to follow the established installation and safety guidelines closely. Before any electrical connections are made, proper grounding must be ensured in accordance with the provided connection diagram. Testing or operational checks should only be conducted when the grounding conductor is securely connected to the designated points. If electrical parts carry over 50 V, they must be disconnected from the mains or power supply unit and safeguarded against accidental reconnection. A crucial step after powering down is to wait for at least 30 minutes, allowing capacitors to discharge fully to ensure that no live electrical charge remains. This measure, along with verifying the absence of voltage on live parts, is necessary to confirm that the equipment is safe to touch and work on. These safety measures are vital to prevent electrical hazards and ensure the secure handling of the drives.