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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

IndraDrive HLC Series

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Indramat HLC

Adding capacitance modules such as the Indramat HLC, can enhance the energy equilibrium in systems where machining operations are performed one after another quickly, such as in roll feeds or cross-cutting processes. These modules, once integrated with the DC bus, serve as temporary energy reserves, thereby minimizing thermal dissipation within the control cabinet and easing the load on the braking resistor. Should there be an interruption in power supply, the energy conserved in these modules facilitates a managed withdrawal movement, safeguarding both the workpiece and the machinery involved, like those used in gear cutting.

HLC01 Technical Data

Type Power dissipation Capacity
HLC01.1C-01M0-A-007-NNNN 12 1
HLC01.1C-02M4-A-007-NNNN 24 2.4
HLC01.1D-05M0-A-007-NNNN 13 5

Type Width B [mm] Height H [mm] Depth T [mm] Weight [kg]
HLC01.1C-01M0-A-007-NNNN 50 352 251.5 3.2
HLC01.1C-02M4-A-007-NNNN 50 352 251.5 4.3
HLC01.1D-05M0-A-007-NNNN 75 440 309 8.6