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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

Indramat HVE

Indramat HVE

The power supply units HVE and HVR rectify 3-phase AC voltage. While HVR units offer regulated DC bus voltage, HVE units provide unregulated DC bus voltage for drive controllers. In generator mode, HVE units dissipate regenerated energy as heat through a bleeder resistor, whereas HVR units feed regenerated energy back into the mains.

HVE and HVR power supply units serve as crucial components within Rexroth Indramat drive and control systems, specifically HDD and HDS types, by facilitating power and control voltage supply. These units are compatible with mains voltages ranging from 3 x AC 380 to 480 V, making them versatile across various power systems without necessitating transformers. The HVR units support motors with a maximum continuous mechanical power of 36 kW, while the HVE units can accommodate motors up to 60 kW. Their high DC bus voltage enables compact unit dimensions without compromising performance. Additionally, each power supply unit integrates a contactor for swiftly shutting down power supply when necessary, ensuring operational safety and efficiency.

Type Code

- Product: HVE
- Line:
- 02
- 03
- 04
- Design: 2
- Cooling mode: Air, internal (with built-in blower) - W
- Nominal power:
- 18 kW - O18
- 30 kW - O30
- 75 kW - O75
- Other design:
- none - N
- increased loading capacity for external DC bus capacitors: - L
- HVE03.x: up to 100 mF
- HVE04.x: up to 200 mF

HVE Technical Data

Designation Symbol Unit Designation of the power supply unit
Power supply HVE02.2-W018N HVE03.2-W030N HVE04.2-W075N
Input voltage UN1 V 3 x 380 ... 480 (± 10 %)
Frequency fN1 Hz 50 ... 60 (± 2 Hz)
DC bus voltage UZW V 530 ... 670 (± 10 %)
Regenerated power (Bleeder power)
Continuous bleeder power PBD kW 1 1,5 2,5
Peak bleeder power PBS kW 100 100 270
Maximum regenerated energy WMAX kWs 70 100 250
Power loss
Power loss at max. continuous output (without bleeder losses) PV W 250 355 625
Basic losses PVG W 125 175 175
Power losses per kW DC bus continuous power PV/KW W/kW 7 6 6

Ambient Conditions

Conditions of use Symbol Unit Specification
Permissible ambient temperature with rated data TA1 °C +5 ... +45
Maximum permissible ambient temperature with derated data TA2 °C +55
Storage and transport temperature TL °C -30 ... +85
Installation elevation without power reduction 1000 m above sea level
Maximum permissible relative humidity 95 %
Permissible absolute humidity 25 g water/m3 air
Protection category IP 10 per EN60529 / IEC529
Degree of dirt contamination no dirt contamination, no condensation