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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

Indramat DDS Series

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Indramat DDS

The DDS drive controllers are part of a modular system that can be flexibly combined with AC servo and main drives to form a compact drive package with a single supply unit. They are designed to work with MDD, MKD, and LAR AC motors, offering a rapid-response suitable for various machinery including machine tools, textiles, printing and packaging, as well as robotics and handling machines.

DDS drive controllers are compatible with all INDRAMAT supply units that provide a regulated DC 24V voltage. However, it is specifically noted that the DDS should not be operated with a TVM 1.2 supply unit, as the DC 24V in the TVM 1.2 is not regulated. When using TVM 2.1, TVM 2.4 supply units, or a KDV 1.3 with a DDS drive controller, it is important to refer to Section 8 for instructions on powering up the power section through charging resistors. Additionally, the application descriptions for each individual supply unit should be taken into account.

Type Code Breakdown

- Product group: DDS
- Series:
- 2 (02)
- 3 (03)
- Version: 1
- Cooling options:
- Air, control cabinet external air (extern) - A (only for series "02")
- Coolant - F (only for series "03")
- Air, control cabinet external air (intern) - W (only for series "02")
- Rated current:
- 15A (015) (only for series "02")
- 25A (025) (only for series "02")
- 30A (030) (only for series "02")
- 50A (050)
- 100A (100) (only for series "03")
- 150A (150) (only for series "03")
- 200A (200) (only for series "03")
- Motor feedback:
- Digital servo feedback - D
- Resolver feedback - R
- Communications module:
- ANALOG interface - A
- INTERBUS-S interface - C
- Single-axis position control - L
- SERCOS interface - S
- Function i.d.: determined and documented by INDRAMAT, e.g., "01"
- Firmware: I.d. that firmware is ordered as separate subitem FW

Cooling Methods

The DDS controllers by INDRAMAT use three main methods for cooling:

1. Heat Technology: This method involves cooling airflow inside the control cabinet, which dissipates heat within the cabinet itself. However, it may require a larger control cabinet and possibly additional air conditioning. It is noted for requiring the least effort in terms of mounting and installation.

2. Cold Technology: In this method, the cooling airflow operates outside the control cabinet. The benefit of cold technology is that it expels a significant portion of the heat away from the control cabinet, allowing the units to be housed in smaller cabinets or enclosures.

3. Liquid Cooling: Liquid-cooled units provide the benefit of reclaiming lost energy. This method is efficient in removing heat as it uses a liquid coolant, which can be more effective than air-based systems.

These cooling methods offer flexibility in DDS controller installation, making them adaptable to different environments and requirements.

Power Ratings

Each DDS controller subseries has a different power rating. Refer to the table below to find the correlating power specs.

Drive Controller Maximum Peak Current / Continuous Current Peak Current / Maximum Continuous Current
DDS02.1-W015-... 15A / 15A 15A / 15A
DDS02.1-W025-... 25A / 25A 25A / 25A
DDS03.1-W030-... 30A / 10A 15A / 15A
DDS03.1-W050-... 50A / 20A 50A / 20A
DDS02.1-W050-... 50A / 40A 50A / 40A
DDS02.1-A050-... 50A / 50A 50A / 50A
DDS02.1-F050-... 50A / 50A 50A / 50A
DDS02.1-W100-... 100A / 40A 60A / 60A
DDS02.1-A100-... 100A / 80A 90A / 90A
DDS02.1-F100-... 100A / 100A 100A / 100A
DDS02.1-W150-... 150A / 65A 80A / 80A
DDS02.1-A150-... 150A / 105A 150A / 105A
DDS02.1-F150-... 150A / 105A 150A / 105A
DDS02.1-W200-... 200A / 65A 90A / 90A
DDS02.1-A200-... 200A / 85A 160A / 105A
DDS02.1-F200-... 200A / 105A 200A / 105A

Ambient Conditions

Designation Value Unit
Permissible ambient temperature with rated data +0...+45 °C
Max. Permissible ambient temperature with derated data +55 °C
Storage and transport temperature -30...+85 °C
Max. Installation elevation with rated data 1000 m
Max. Permissible relative air humidity 95 %
Max. Permissible absolute air humidity 25 g/m³
Protection category IP20, per EN 60529 = DIN VDE 0470-1-1992 (IEC 529-1989)