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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207

Indramat DDC

Indramat DDC

The DDC 1.2, featuring an IP65 protection rating, can be mounted directly at the feeder station, functioning well even in challenging conditions and reducing the risk of faults associated with long cabling. Its construction includes a DC bus converter, a bleeder resistor for energy dissipation during braking, a main contactor to cut power, and a section for control voltage regulation. It accommodates various application-specific plug-in cards in slots U1 to U5.

Indramat supplies the DDC as a fully assembled and configured unit, comprising a basic unit, a command interface card, a software module, and, if required, additional auxiliary plug-in modules. It also includes a configuration rating plate for specifications. Each of these components is detailed in specific sections of the documentation.

DDC Type Code

These specifications outline the various configurations and features available for the DDCseries device.

- Product name: DDC
- Series: 1
- Version: 2
- Cooling type: F for liquid, K for air, natural convection
- Rated current options: 050 for 50 A, 100 for 100 A, 200 for 200 A
- Noise emission at motor: A for standard (100 A to 200 A rated current), C for standard with reduced noise (50 A rated current)
- Motor feedback options: D for digital servo feedback, R for resolver feedback
- Command module choices: A for ANALOG interface, C for INTERBUS-S interface, L for single-axis positioning control, S for SERCOS interface
- Function code: 01
- Function code version: 01
- Firmware: Identified as FW, must be ordered separately

DDC Technical Data

Designation DDC 1.2/N050C DDC 1.2/N100A DDC 1.2/N200A
Power section
Input voltage U(N) (V) 3x 220 V (+15%/-10%) or 3x 230 V (+10%/-15%) 3x 220 V (+15%/-10%) or 3x 230 V (+10%/-15%) 3x 220 V (+15%/-10%) or 3x 230 V (+10%/-15%)
Frequency f(N) (Hz) 50 ... 60 Hz 50 ... 60 Hz 50 ... 60 Hz
Peak current I(peak) (A) 50 100 200
Short-term current for 50 % at 100 s duty cycle I(S6-100s) (A) 50 70 90
Continuous current (average) I(cont) (A) 25 35 45
Pulse frequency (PWM-frequency) f(T) (kHz) 8 4 4
Required connected load S(An) (kVA) Depends on motor/servo drive combination - see selection lists Depends on motor/servo drive combination - see selection lists Depends on motor/servo drive combination - see selection lists
Power requirement with maximum drive load S(An) (kVA) 6 18 22.5

Interface Options

The DDC controllers offer a selection of command interface modules suitable for various functions. These modules can either connect to the Numerical Control (NC) unit or provide positioning control with interfaces for manual operation or machine control. The available interface cards include:

- SERCOS interfaces, coming in types DSS 1.1 and DSS 1.3, which enable digital communication for servo drives.
- An ANALOG interface with an incremental encoder emulator, designated as type DAE 1.1, to replicate encoder signals.

OG interface with an absolute encoder emulator, labeled as type DAA 1.1, which simulates absolute encoder signals.
- A Positioning module, type DLC 1.1, designed for precise position control tasks.

Ambient Conditions

Environmental conditions Specification
Permissible ambient temperature for rated specifications (T(amb)) +5 ... +45 °C
Maximum ambient temperature for derated specifications (T(m.amb)) +55 °C
Storage and shipping temp. (T(L)) -30 ... +85 °C
Maximum installation elevation without derating 1000 meters above sea level
Permissible relative humidity max. 95 %
Permissible absolute humidity 25 g water / m³ air
Degree of contamination - non-conductive dirt contamination
- no condensate
Protection category IP 65 as per EN 60 529 (IEC 529)