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The 1MR160N-B074/S001 rotor from Bosch Rexroth Indramat is an essential component of the 1MB asynchronous motor. Constructed with a front-positioned laminated core and a sleeve, this product is compatible with a 1MB motor frame size of 160 and length "N". To secure the rotor to the spindle, Bosch Rexroth recommends a shrinkfitting process, which involves heating the rotor to between 180°C and 200°C to drive material expansion that enables a seamless consolidation with the spindle. Balancing according to the vibration severity rating (DIN VDE 0530) is critical post-assembly. Operators need to take precautions due to the rotor's heat retention capacity (T > 50°C). It comes with a corrosion inhibitor for storage and transport, however, this needs to be removed before assembly. Dirt, dust, and metallic remains must be cleaned from the rotor's 74mm inside diameter. The rotor also incorporates an NTC/PTC resistor design for compatibility with third-party controllers.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Product: 1MR160N-B074/S001
  • Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth Indramat
  • Component of: 1MB asynchronous motor
  • Suitable for: 1MB motor with a frame size designation of 160 and length N
  • Construction Details: Sleeve, front-positioned laminated core with balancing rings
  • Assembly Method: Shrinkfitting process
  • Assembly Temperature: 180o C to 200o C
  • Vibration Severity Rating: DIN VDE 0530
  • Heat Retention: T > 50o C
  • Corrosion Protection: Yes, for transport and storage
  • Inside Diameter: 74 mm
  • Resistor Design: NTC/PTC resistor design.

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