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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The B & R Automation 8V1016.00-2 ACOPOS servo drive is a highly dynamic, cost-effective device designed for operations specific to the plastic processing, paper and printing, metalworking and handling technology industries. Notably, this model utilizes a range of plugin modules, 8 independent CNC channels and can be combined with the B&R Integrated Soft CNC system for quick responses and customizable graphical displays. Exceptionally, the 8V1016.00-2 includes CPU modules for drive-based automation, maintaining a short sampling and communication cycle of 400ųs. This model operates on a three-phase AC supply voltage of 400V to 480V, offering a switching pulse frequency of up to 20kHz. Additionally, it supports brake resistor connectivity, wiring minimization with its line structure, and motor overload protection. Located up to 2000m above sea level, this 2.5kg servo drive performs best in temperatures between 5°C to 40°C, and during transit, a maximum relative humidity of 95% is recommended.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: B & R Automation
  • Product Type: ACOPOS Servo Drive
  • Model: 8V1016.00-2
  • B&R Code ID: 0xA6D6
  • Sampling and Communication Cycle: 400ųs
  • CPU Modules: Yes
  • Machine Architecture: Modular
  • Wiring Effort: Minimal
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Supply Voltage: 400V to 480V (tolerance limit of ±10%)
  • Switching Pulse Frequency: up to 20kHz
  • DC Bus Capacitance: 165ųF
  • Brake Resistor Compatibility: Yes
  • Installation Options: Vertical or Horizontal
  • Motor Overloading Protection: Yes
  • Motor Cable Length: 15m
  • Switching Cycles: Unlimited
  • Module Compatibility: Encoders, Sensors, Actuator Connections
  • Installation Height: up to 2000m above sea level
  • Operating Temperature: 5°C to 40°C
  • Relative Humidity During Transport: up to 95%

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