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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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Produced by Kollmorgen, the AKD-P00606-NBCC-I000 is a servo drive enhanced to meet EU Italian standards and equipped with MAC address, all stated on the product's type plate. The device, with no extension option and an IP 20 protection level, is ideally positioned inside a control cabinet. It includes grounding plate, suitable mating connectors, X5, and X6 fieldbus connectors for EtherCAT bus connection. The servo drive offers users decision-making power and I/Os processing ability. Factoring in the connectors, it has an overall depth of 185mm and it functions with a motor having a maximum inductance of 250 mH. Via a shielded twisted pair cable, it connects with a resolver while its shared grounding line serves its digital inputs on X7 and X8 I/O connectors. Offering an internal regen resistor, it supports hook-up with an external regen resistor. In DHCP mode, it connects the drive through a static IP connection and operates in either torque, position, or velocity mode. The operating state is visible on the seven-segment display, and the device can be configured through the WorkBench software Settings view.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Kollmorgen
  • Product Code: AKD-P00606-NBCC-I000
  • Type: Servo Drive
  • Customized Standards: EU Italian Standards
  • Unique Feature: MAC address on type plate
  • Additional Components: Grounding plate and mating connectors
  • Protection Level: IP 20
  • Location of Operation: Control cabinet
  • Extension Option: None
  • Fieldbus Connectors: X5 and X6 for EtherCAT bus connection
  • Housing: Standard
  • Depth: 185 mm
  • Motor Inductance: Maximum 250 mH
  • Digital Inputs Grounding: Common grounding line on X7 and X8 I/O connectors
  • Connection Feature: Can connect with a resolver using a shielded twisted pair cable
  • Regen Resistor: Internal, supports external connection if needed
  • Mode Setting: DHCP mode when both rotary switches are set to 0
  • Connection Type: Rotary switches for static IP connection
  • Display: Seven-segment
  • Configuration: Settings view of the WorkBench software
  • Operational Modes: torque, position or velocity mode

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