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The AKM43E-ACCNR-00, a brushless, DC three-phase servomotor from manufacturer Kollmorgen, requires a digital servo amplifier for operation. A mechanically constrained motor shaft mounting is not advised due to the potential for motor destruction. This could also occur if incorrect motor and resolver poles are set on the servo amplifier. Operating within the product's rated ambient conditions is crucial for optimal performance. This servomotor, featuring a stator with three-phase winding and a rotor with permanent magnets, is ideal for high-dynamic, high-stability positioning tasks. It employs a position-evaluating servo amplifier and supplies a sinusoidal current to the motor. The unit has a RAL 9005 finish, unsuitable for solvent exposure. It also displays derated current and torque by 6% at elevated operating temperatures and altitudes. Furthermore, for improved electromagnetic interference immunity, keeping control and power cables at least 20 cm apart is recommended.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Kollmorgen
  • Product ID: AKM43E-ACCNR-00
  • Type: DC three-phase synchronous servomotor
  • Must be connected to: Digital servo amplifier
  • Motor Coupling Recommendation: Avoid rigid coupling with external bearings
  • Top Bearing Mounting: Prevent liquid entry with IM V3 mounting
  • Motor Destruction Risk: Incorrect setting of motor poles and resolver poles
  • Operational Conditions: Under its ambient conditions
  • Internal Components: Three-phase winding stator and permanent magnets rotor
  • Best Suited For: High dynamics and high stability positioning tasks
  • Servo Amplifier Function: Evaluates resolver position and supplies sinusoidal current
  • Finish: RAL 9005 (non-resistant to solvents)
  • Derated Current and Torque: 6% at 40 °C and altitude of 1000m-2000m
  • Radial Force Increase: 10% with power take-off from center of free end of shaft
  • Backlash: Zero if fitted with double-coned collets and metal bellows couplings
  • Length Impact: Not affected by resolver feedback system
  • Cable Separation: Control and power cables separated by at least 20 cm for electromagnetic interference immunity.

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