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The AKM44G-ACCN2-00 synchronous servo motor, manufactured by Kollmorgen, is a part of the AKM4 family that provides a torque range of 4.7 to 14.4Nm. Ideal for driving packaging, robotics, textile and printing machines, it offers high dynamics and is operated exclusively by SERVOSTAR amplifiers for controlling speed and torque. This motor, designed as a built-in component for electrical machines, features a 4 rotor length, a G winding type, an IEC flange, a shaft with keyway and 0.5m shielded cables equipped with IP 65 and angular connectors. Using feedback from a 2048 PPR Comcoder, it suits precise positioning tasks when used with a servo amplifier. High energy permanent magnets, featuring neodymium-iron-boron materials, are incorporated into the rotor. The motor also includes an isolated thermistor for measuring windings temperature, and it operates under an environment of 5 to 40 degrees with up to 96% humidity. Its ball-bearing life lasts 20,000 hours, and it can be mounted in three different orientations.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Kollmorgen
  • Product Type: Synchronous Servo Motor
  • Product Range: AKM
  • Product Family: AKM4
  • Flange Size: 84mm
  • Torque Range: 4.7 to 14.4Nm
  • Compatible Machines: Industrial packaging machines, robots, textile, and printing machines
  • Compatible Amplifier: SERVOSTAR
  • Installation Requirement: Integral part of an electric apparatus or machine
  • Rotor Length: 4
  • Winding Type: G type
  • Flange Type: IEC
  • Shaft Type: Shaft with keyway
  • Cable Type: 0.5m shielded cables with IP 65 connector and angular connectors
  • Feedback System: Comcoder with 2048 PPR
  • Magnet Type: High energy permanent magnets in the rotor with rare earth neodymium-iron-boron materials
  • Motor Control Method: Brushless electrical commutation
  • Temperature Measurement System: Electrically isolated thermistor
  • Ambient Temperature: 5 to 40 degrees
  • Climate Category: 3K3
  • Maximum Installation Altitude: 1000 meters
  • Maximum Humidity: 96%
  • Ball-Bearing Life: 20,000 operating hours
  • Mounting Options: Shaft end upwards, shaft end downwards, or shaft end A-side

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