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by Okuma
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Produced by the Japanese-American firm Okuma, the BLII-D200A is a servo drive in the BL2-D series which was created for larger power requirements. This drive, indicated by its '200' name code, is engineered for a 1-axis servo control board (SVC II), ideal for motors demanding output power above 8kW. Upon utilizing a servo amplifier, motion control signals from the SVC II are raised to the necessary range and transmitted in a series of pulse width modulated current signals. This reliable piece of hardware is designed to offer ample motor protection against current surges, overvoltage, and overloading. The BL2-D200A also features dynamic braking for elevated motor deceleration accuracy. If you're seeking a servo drive that excels in power, precision, and reliable closed-loop control - the BL2-D200A is a commendable choice.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Okuma
  • Product Line: BL2-D Series
  • Product Model: BL2-D200A
  • Control Board: 1-axis servo control (SVC II)
  • Power Unit Capacity: 200 (suitable for motors with output power requirements above 8kW)
  • Servo Motor Compatibility: Brushless AC Servo Motors
  • Current Requirements: Higher Continuous and Maximum
  • Included Provisions: Overcurrent, Overvoltage, and Overload Protection
  • Additional Feature: Dynamic Braking Option
  • Product Attributes: Precision, Power, and Reliable Closed Loop Control

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