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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The CDB01.1C-S3-ENS-EN2-NNN-MA1-NN-S-NN-FW is a control section crafted by Bosch Rexroth Indramat, known for its compact build and handy connection points featuring both screw terminal blocks and spring terminals. It is eco-friendly, being devoid of harmful substances like chlorinated hydrocarbons, asbestos, and mercury. Although smaller than the power section, it can be connected/disconnected from the power section up to 20 times. However, be wary of damage from frequent plugging and unplugging. This unit sports an MA1 optional module at the X8.2 connection point for enhanced analog I/O support. It also holds spring terminals compatible with wired ends with or without ferrules, although non-ferrule ends are preferable. Within this compact device, you'll find one analog input and two analog outputs. Notably, it operates with a maximum pulse width of 60 seconds. Note that its operation depends on the power consumption of any optional modules. As it draws power from the connectors at the power section, it cannot function alone or outside the power section. With a digital input voltage range of -3V to 30V and a leakage current above 3.5mA, this device's efficient functioning might be compromised by any faults in the motor components or incorrect cable connections. The MA1 module enables two analog output channels and two differential analog input channels with 12-bit resolution and a +/-10V voltage rating.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth Indramat
  • Product Model: CDB01.1C-S3-ENS-EN2-NNN-MA1-NN-S-NN-FW
  • Safety Option: None
  • Connection Points: Screw Terminal Blocks, Spring Terminals
  • Hazardous Materials: None
  • Size Comparison: Smaller than Power Section
  • Max Connect/Disconnect Times: 20 Times
  • Optional Module: MA1 at X8.2 Connection Point
  • Analog I/O Extension Support: Yes
  • Terminal Type: Spring Terminals
  • Analog Input: 1
  • Analog Output: 2
  • Max Pulse Width: 60 Seconds
  • Power Consumption: Dependent on Optional Modules
  • Usage: Cannot be used by itself or outside the power section
  • Power Supply: Through 0V and 24V Terminal Connectors at Power Section
  • Input Voltage Range: Between -3V and 30V
  • Leakage Current: More Than 3.5mA
  • Dangerous Movement Indication: Possible if the connected motor has defective components or wrong/improper cable connections
  • Analog channels with MA1 Module: Two output and Two Differential Input Channels
  • Resolution with MA1 module: 12 bits
  • Voltage Rating with MA1 module: +/-10V

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