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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The CE03260, produced by Kollmorgen, is a top-tier servo amplifier made with advanced technology, exemplifying the company's commitment to high-performance and durable equipment. By adhering to specified safety measures, users can ensure their product lasts long and functions optimally. The unit weighs 3.56Lbs/1.61kgs with an applied mounting torque of 2.26Nm (metric in English is (10-32) M4). The prescribed connection hardware line screw size/torque is 1.35Nm, applicable too for motor screw size/torque, line screw size/torque, and BUS screw size/torque. The wire size/ AWG # values vary; control logic- 16/15 AWG/mm2; main input wire size- 14/2.5 AWG/mm2; and motor line wire size- 14/2.5 AWG/mm2. The configurable I/O wire gauge presents different values depending on AWG type, and spade terminals of the CE03260 are 1.5mm2. In terms of clearance, side to side distance is 12.7mm, and top/bottom clearance distance is 63.5mm.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Kollmorgen
  • Product Type: Servo Amplifier
  • Product Model: CE03260
  • Unit Weight: 3.56Lbs /1.61kgs
  • Mounting Applied Torque: 2.26Nm
  • Metric in English: (10-32) M4
  • Connection Hardware Line Screw Size/Torque: 1.35Nm
  • Motor Screw Size/Torque: 1.35Nm
  • Line Screw Size/Torque: 1.35Nm
  • BUS Screw Size/Torque: 1.35Nm
  • Control Logic Wire Size/ AWG #: 16/15 AWG/mm2
  • Main Input Wire Size: 14/2.5 AWG/mm2
  • Motor Line Wire Size: 14/2.5 AWG/mm2
  • Configurable I/O Wire Gauge (18 AWG Type): 0.3-0.75 mm2 (Ferrules Recommended)
  • Configurable I/O Wire Gauge (20 AWG Type HO): 75/14 Weidmuller 4629.0 or Equal
  • Configurable I/O Wire Gauge (22 AWG Type H0): 34/12 Weidmuller 90257.7
  • Configurable I/O Wire Gauge (20 AWG Type H0): 5/14 Weidmuller 6907.0 or Equal
  • Spade Terminals: 1.5mm2
  • Clearance Side to Side Distance: 12.7mm
  • Top/Bottom Clearance Distance: 63.5mm

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