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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The Kollmorgen CH054A-13-3105 Cartridge DDR Motor is a reliable and compact solution for automating your industrial processes, ensuring top-notch performance and cost savings. Its innovative design eliminates traditional components like gearboxes and pulleys, facilitating easier installation and maintenance. Its high bandwidth enables rapid start/stop cycles to enhance your machine's throughput. With a brushless design that minimizes part replacement, this motor promises longevity and maintenance-free operation. Its versatile installation supports both vertical and horizontal orientations. Key technical specifications include a rotor inertia of 52.8kg-cm3, a maximum speed of 2100 RPM at 400V and 2500 RPM at 480V, and a peak torque of 63.8Nm. The motor belongs to the CH family, operates within a 400-480V range, and features a housing of 5.43 square inches, an extra-long stack, and a solid, keyless shaft with a split ring. It is enclosed in an IP 64 rated sealed housing for protection.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Kollmorgen
  • Product Type: Cartridge DDR Motor
  • Model Number: CH054A-13-3105
  • Motor Family: CH
  • Design: Brushless
  • Mounting: Vertical or Horizontal
  • Rotor Inertia: 52.8kg-cm3
  • Maximum Speed (400V): 2100RPM
  • Maximum Speed (480V): 2500RPM
  • Peak Line Current: 26.5amps RMS
  • Peak Torque: 63.8Nm
  • Voltage Range: 400 to 480V
  • Housing Size: 5.43 square inches
  • Stack Type: Extra-long
  • Shaft Style: Solid-Split Ring without Key
  • Housing Protection Category: IP 64

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