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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The DKR04.1-W400N-B is a drive controller specifically designed to manage and monitor electrical motor operations. Possessing the ability to work in conjunction with extra sensors, its peak performance is achieved within particular ambient conditions. The unit does not include a bleeder as standard and is suitable for installation up to an altitude of 1,000m without compromising product data. It features an integrated mains contactor and includes a fitted blower and heatsink within its housing. The controller allows for the addition of multiple modules depending on application requirements. Constantly verifying sufficient load capacity for operation outside stated conditions is paramount for optimal performance. Rated at a continuous current of 150A at 8kHz, the controller's software is easily identified via a separate rating plate. Installation requirements include matching fixing bolts, threaded holes, and appropriate venting. Additional handling instruction is provided to ensure proper connection of plug-ins and sealing of connector ends.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Product Type: DKR04.1-W400N-B Drive Controller
  • Usage: Control and Monitoring of Electrical Motors
  • Additional Features: Potential for Additional Sensors
  • Climate Restrictions: Cannot be Used Outside Ambient Conditions
  • Bleeder: Not Included
  • Maximum Installation Elevation: 1000m Above Sea Level
  • Additional Components: Integrated with a Mains Contactor
  • Extra Features: Fitted with Blower and Heatsink
  • Modular Capability: Can be Fitted with Several Modules for Specific Applications
  • Current Rating: Continuous Current of 150A at 8kHz
  • Rating Plates: Present on Front and Bottom Left
  • Installation Requirements: Matching Fixing Bolts and Threaded Holes on Rear Wall
  • Air Circulation: Vents in the Mounting Panel on the Rear
  • Lifting Guidance: Lift by Anchoring Mounting Frame to Rear Wall of Control Cabinet
  • Connector Conditions: Connect or Separate Only When Dry
  • Replacement Protocol: Seal Open Connector Ends
  • Electronic Work Protocol: Work Only After Making Contact with a Grounded Object

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