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The Beckhoff EK1110 is an EtherCAT extension of the EK product range that is installed at the end of the EtherCAT Terminal Block. Capable of electrically isolating Ethernet CAT 5 cables up to 100m through an RJ 45 connector, the EK1110's primary role is the conversion of E-bus signals to a 100BASE_TX Ethernet signal, powered by the E-bus itself. The device houses a 100 Mbaud baud rate and is ready-to-use without requiring an address or preliminary settings. Offering a usage delay of 1 microsecond, the EK1110 operates with a dielectric strength of 500 V and a typical current consumption of 130mA. Designed to function within a temperature range of -25oC to +60oC, with a storage range of -40oC to +85oC, the EK1110 is humidity resistant up to 95%, excludes condensation, and complies with the IP20 protection class. Its measurements are 44mm x 100mm x 68mm and it approximately weighs 50g. The EK1110 is CE, ATEX, and cULus approved.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Product Family: EK

  • Manufacturer:

  • Product Type:
    EtherCAT Extension

  • Mounting Location:
    End of EtherCAT Terminal Block

  • Primary Function:
    Extend EtherCAT strand by up to 100m

  • Electrical Interface:
    RJ 45 connector

  • Secondary Function:
    Convert E-bus signal to 100BASE_TX Ethernet

  • Power Source:

  • Transmission Medium:
    Shielded Ethernet CAT 5 cable

  • Max Cable Length:
    100m between two Bus Couplers

  • Baud Rate:
    100 Mbaud

  • Protocol Compatibility:
    All EtherCAT protocols

  • Configuration Requirement:

  • Signal Delay:
    1 microsecond

  • Dielectric Strength:
    500 V

  • Current Consumption:
    Typ. 130mA

  • Operating Temperature Range:
    -25oC to +60oC

  • Storage Temperature Range:
    -40oC to +85oC

  • Permissible Humidity:
    95%, absence of condensation

  • Mounting:
    35 mm mounting rail

  • Vibration and Shock Resistance:
    EN 60068-2-6/EN 60068-2-27

  • Protection Class:

  • Installation Position:

  • Dimensions:
    44 mm x 100 mm x 68 mm

  • Weight:
    Approximately 50 g

  • Approval Certificates:
    CE, ATEX, cULus-

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