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The Beckhoff EK1561 is a single port Ethercat product that converts telegrams from 100BASE-TX to POF-based 100BASE-FX physics. Serving as a plastic optical fibre (POF) junction, it is connected to an E-bus to draw power while also enabling connection to a larger Ethernet-based 100BASE-TX network. POF cables are ideal for shorter distances (up to 50 meters) and are comparatively easier to wire on systems. To provide user feedback, the EK1561 features two LEDs indicating power and communication status. It operates optimally between -25 to +65 degrees Celsius, and if turned off, must be kept within a -40 to +85 degrees Celsius range. Consequently, Beckhoff's EK1561 serves as a pivotal element within a network undergoing the crucial conversion process in automation applications.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Beckhoff

  • Product:
    EK1561 single port Ethercat plastic optical fibre branch

  • Primary Usage:
    Convert telegrams from 100BASE-TX to POF-based 100BASE-FX physics

  • Power Source:
    Connected to a Beckhoff EtherCAT coupler, such as the EK1100

  • Power Consumption:
    Typically draws 200 mA from the E-bus link when turned on

  • Cable Type:
    Plastic fiber optic cables

  • Maximum Distance:
    50 meters between two couplers

  • Feedback Indicator:
    RUN led for power status and Link LED for communication status

  • Operating Temperature:
    Range from -25 to +65 degrees Celsius

  • Storage Temperature:
    Range of -40… +85 degrees Celsius

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