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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The EP3644-5214-7-56BC-CU is a high-performance Pacific Scientific motor from Kollmorgen's Permanent Magnet DC series. Renowned for its automation products, Kollmorgen leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver industry-leading gearheads, control motors, amplifiers, stepper motors, servo drives, and permanent magnet motors. The EP3644-5214-7-56BC-CU motor features a constant torque of 18.0 Nm, permissible constant torque of 4.24 Nm, highest current of 87 A at a constant current of 2.3 amps, and an allowance resistance of 1.03hms. Weighing approximately 30lbs and measuring 12.3 inches in length, this motor also offers an inertia of 6.4lb. The motor uses class H insulation and it does come with a removable base. For extended performance, brush replacements may be needed over time. The specific design allows a lighter, more efficient, and compact motor, ensuring reliability and performance excellence.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Pacific Scientific
  • Product Type: Permanent Magnet DC motor
  • Model: EP3644-5214-7-56BC-CU
  • Constant Torque: 18.0 Nm
  • Constant Current: 2.3 amps
  • Peak Current: 87 A
  • Permissible Constant Torque: 4.24 Nm
  • Resistance: 1.03hms
  • Inertia: 6.4Ib
  • Weight: 30lbs
  • Length: 12.3 inches
  • Insulation Class: Class H
  • NEMA frame: 56C
  • Inertial: 6.7
  • Peak Current: 34
  • Constant Torque: 8.1
  • Base: Removable

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