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The Bosch Rexroth Indramat HNL01.1E-0200-N0125-A-480-NNNN mains choke is designed to work with the HCS01, HCS02 and HCS03 range of converters. It's essential if mains voltage is over 3% asymmetrical. The device helps protect your drive and motor by absorbing high voltage transients. It adamantly features a steel core with copper wound coils and steel laminations, which can provide additional circuit inductance, reduce line voltage distortions and block damaging voltage harmonics. This model offers flexibility with both vertical and horizontal orientation and includes a fitted temperature contact. It maintains 50% of the nominal inductance at maximum current rating. This choke can be utilized in numerous appliances, including HVAC, pumping, and UPS. It meets IP 10 protection rating as per DIN EN 60 529 specifications. The device enhances power factors and limits short-circuit current.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth Indramat
  • Product Code: HNL01.1E-0200-N0125-A-480-NNNN
  • Compatibility: HCS01, HCS02 and HCS03 range of converters
  • Mains Voltage Asymmetry: >3%
  • Connection: Feeding supply system
  • Protection: Absorbs microsecond transients of high voltage
  • Material: Steel core with copper wound coils and steel laminations
  • Function: Absorbs and limits voltage distortions like surges and spikes
  • Features: Additional circuit inductance capability
  • Orientation: Supports vertical and horizontal orientation
  • Terminal Connections (U1, V1, W1): Maximum connection cross-section of 70mm2
  • Temperature Contact Fitting: Included
  • Nominal Inductance: 50% at maximum current rating
  • Application: Between input of a drive and an AC line source to minimize power line distortion
  • Installation: In HVAC, pumping, UPS and more
  • Harmonic Mitigation: Low-cost solution
  • Phase: Three-phase device
  • Voltage Rating: 480VAC
  • Power Rating: 170W
  • Protection Rating: IP 10 according to DIN EN 60 529 specifications
  • Additional Options: None
  • Function: Limits short-circuit current and enhances power factors of the associated power source.

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