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The MAC071C-0-JS-4-C-095-B-0-WI520LV-S002 is an AC servomotor manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat. As part of the low inertia MAC 071 series, it is designed to interface seamlessly with the DSC, KDS, and TDM range of drive controllers produced by the manufacturer. This motor is equipped with permanent magnets, lifetime lubricated bearings, and has a brushless design that ensures it works effectively even in challenging environmental conditions. To avoid overheating, it houses stator and windings integrated with thermo-switches that monitor and regulate motor temperature. It supports surface cooling, maintaining operational efficiency even under extreme loads. Its compact construction and high power-to-weight ratio allow flexibility in mounting either horizontally or vertically. With a weight of 11 KG, this motor is primed to deliver excellent performance in applications requiring high demands, provided it is shock-damped or decoupled. It features an output shaft for backlash-free transmission of torque and is insulated to Class F standards.
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth Indramat
  • Product Model: MAC071C-0-JS-4-C-095-B-0-WI520LV-S002
  • Type: AC Servomotor
  • Series: MAC 071
  • Compatibility: DSC, KDS, TDM Drive Controllers
  • Design: Brushless with Permanent Magnets
  • Bearings: Lifetime Lubricated
  • Operating Environment: Poor Conditions
  • Temperature Monitoring: Integrated Thermo-Switches
  • Construction: Compact
  • Power to Weight Ratio: High
  • Mounting Options: Horizontal and Vertical
  • Cooling: Surface Cooling
  • Cable Connections: Flanged Sockets Connectors
  • Operating Ambient Temp Range: 0°C to 45°C
  • Protection against Penetration: None
  • Weight: 11 KG
  • Shock-Damping: Available for Extreme Demands
  • Coat: Resistant to Lyes and Dilute Acids
  • Output Shaft: Plain
  • Torque Transmission: Non-Positive and Backlash-Free
  • Shaft Sealing: Fitted to Flange
  • Feedback Cable Connectors: Angle or Straight Depending on Installation
  • Insulation: Class F
  • Motor Output Direction: Changeable by Adjusting Connector Parts.

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