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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The Bosch Rexroth MDD digital AC servo motors are permanent magnet-energized synchronous motors, with the magnetic materials comprising rare earth or iron oxide. Equipped with electronic commutation, they are designed for high-cyclic load capacity, making them ideal for high-frequency operations. Catering to a wide range of applications, these motors find use in machine tools, packaging machines, robotics, and more. The MDD090C-N-040-N2L-110GB1 variant is utilized in high-precision tasks requiring exceptional synchronism, like in grinding machines. With its digital servo feedback, speed and rotor position are accurately measured. Its brushless design and lifetime-lubricated bearings ensure reliable, maintenance-free operation. A 6.5 Nm blocking brake provides backlash-free hold when the machine is off. The motor features a plain shaft for non-positive shaft hub connections. Its standard housing design facilitates cooling via natural convection and increases overload capabilities. The housing is coated in weather, acid, and lye-resistant black paint.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Product Name: Bosch Rexroth MDD digital AC servo motors

  • Model:

  • Motor Type:
    Permanent Magnet-Excited Synchronous Motor

  • Commutation Type:

  • Load Capacity:
    High cyclic

  • Areas of Application:
    Machine Tools, Textiles Machines, Printing and Packaging Machines, Robotics, Handling Equipment, Transfer facilities

  • Special Application:
    High-Precision Operations like Grinding Machines

  • Motor Feedback:
    Digital Servo (position, speed, rotor detection)

  • Measurement Method:

  • Reliability Features:
    Brushless Design, Lifetime-Lubricated Bearings

  • Brake:
    6.5 Nm Blocking Brake

  • Shaft:
    Plain Shaft for non-positive shaft hub connections

  • Cooling Method:
    Natural Convection

  • Housing Design:

  • Resistance to:
    Weathering, Yellowing, Chalky Build-ups, Diluted Acids, Lyes

  • Color:

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