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The MDD093B-N-040-N2L-110PA0 AC servomotor is a Bosch Rexroth Indramat digital product designed for tool-changing systems. It boasts remarkable overload capabilities due to its twin winding sets and low inertia. The rotor position is easily tracked with its motor feedback, and it connects using pre-constructed cables for ease of installation. The model is incorporated with a feature that can facilitate surface cooling during excessive loads. Operating optimally at temperatures between 45°C and 55°C, the performance may be lower at higher temperatures. It’s best to avoid steam cleaning as it may degrade the device's exterior coating. The device can accommodate operational position shifts of up to 0.6mm thanks to its thermal deformation capacity. Keep in mind that incorrect operation can lead to shaft fractures, thermal shutdown, or key dislodgement during forceful reverse operations. The product comes with a one-year support warranty and packed in military-grade packaging for robustness.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth Indramat
  • Product: MDD093B-N-040-N2L-110PA0 Digital AC Servomotor
  • Usage: Tool-Changing Systems
  • Inertia: Low
  • Winding Sets: Two
  • Overload Capability: High
  • Installation: Requires Pre-made Cables
  • Motor Feedback: Positional
  • Color: Black Prime Paint
  • Mounting: Six Different Orientations (DIN IEC 34-7 Specifications)
  • Shaft: Prone to Fractures
  • Bearings: Floating Bearing on A-side
  • Shaft Sealing: Does Not Stop Complete Penetration of Liquids
  • Cooling: Surface Cooling
  • Performance Ability: 45°C to 55°C (Derated)
  • Cleaning: Prone to Coat Peeling with Steam Cleaning
  • Feedback Purpose: Motor Speed Evaluation
  • Key Tuning: Potential Tuning Out During Powerful Reverse Operations
  • Thermal Deformations: Up to 0.6mm Positional Shift of Shaft
  • Start-Stop Operations: High Repetitive Frequency Possible with Surface Cooling
  • Thermal Time Constant: 50 minute (Natural Convection)
  • Balance: With Entire Key
  • Balance Class: Reduced for Main Spindle Applications
  • Shut Down Findings: Possible Due to Thermal Reasons
  • Feedback Connection: Flanged Socket with 12 Pins
  • Packaging: Custom Military-Grade Packaging.

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