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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The Indramat MDD115A-N-030-N2M-180GA1 stands as a testament to precision engineering and innovation in servo motor technology, crafted by Indramat, a pioneering force in motion control and automation solutions. This servo motor exemplifies excellence in performance, reliability, and adaptability, meeting the rigorous demands of diverse industrial applications with its comprehensive set of features.

At its core, the MDD115A-N-030-N2M-180GA1 harnesses cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled precision and responsiveness in motion control tasks. Equipped with advanced servo control algorithms and high-resolution feedback mechanisms, this motor ensures exceptional accuracy in maintaining precise positioning, regulating velocity, and controlling torque. Its robust design and construction guarantee consistent and reliable performance, even in challenging operating environments.

Versatility is a hallmark characteristic of the MDD115A-N-030-N2M-180GA1, offering users the flexibility to adapt the motor to meet specific application requirements. With support for various feedback devices, shaft configurations, and mounting options, it seamlessly integrates into existing machinery or serves as a key component in new installations. This adaptability empowers industries to optimize their processes for maximum efficiency and productivity, driving success in today's dynamic industrial landscape.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Product Model: MDD115A-N-030-N2M-180GA1
  • Type: Permanent Magnet-Excited Synchronous Motor
  • Balance Class: Standard
  • Design: 180 mm Centering Diameter
  • Compatibility: Specific Modules by Rexroth
  • Installation Requirement: Trained Personnel
  • Power Source: Attached Drive Controller
  • Connection: A-Side Power Connector
  • Additional Feature: 24 VDC Blocking Brake
  • Blocking Torque: 45 Nm
  • Bearings: Standard, High Radial Load Capacity
  • Detection System: DSF with Integrated Multiturn Absolute Encoder
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 0 to +45 degree Celsius
  • Peak Temperature: +55 degree Celsius, with 20% reduction in efficiency
  • Continuous Current Consumption: 42.4 A
  • Continuous Torque: 28 Nm
  • Operating Speed: 3000 rpm
  • Cooling System: Natural Convection and Surface Cooling
  • Motor Mass: 33 kg
  • Resistance: 0.13 Ohms at 20 degree Celsius.

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