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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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The Bosch Rexroth Indramat MKD041B-144-KP0-KN is a Digital AC Synchronous Servo Motor that belongs to the MKD series. Noted for their durability, reliability, and performance, these motors use permanent-magnet electronic commutation and offer robust protection thanks to their fully enclosed motor layout. The MKD041B-144-KP0-KN operates at a characteristic speed of 6000RPM and offers a standstill torque of 2.7Nm at Natural 60K and 2.9Nm at 100K. It delivers a continuous standstill current of 7.5A at 60K and 8.2A at 100K. With a peak current of 34.0A, its electrical properties, at 20 degrees Celsius, include a torque constant of 0.4 Nm, voltage constant of 36.3V, and a winding resistance of 1.8 Ohms. It operates at rated speeds of 3000 RPM at 60K and increases to 4500 RPM at 100K, without the need for a holding brake or connection box. The plain shaft motor has a high-quality shaft sealing ring to withstand harsh operating conditions.
30 Day Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth Indramat
  • Product Line: MKD Series
  • Product Type: Digital AC Synchronous Servo Motor
  • Product Code: MKD041B-144-KP0-KN
  • Characteristic Motor Speed: 6000 RPM
  • Continuous Standstill Torque at 60K Natural: 2.7 Nm
  • Continuous Standstill Torque at 100K Natural: 2.9 Nm
  • Continuous Standstill Current at 60K Natural: 7.5 A
  • Continuous Standstill Current at 100K Natural: 8.2 A
  • Peak Current: 34.0 A
  • Torque Constant at 20ºC: 0.4 Nm
  • Voltage Constant at 20ºC: 36.3 V
  • Winding Resistance at 20ºC: 1.8 ohms
  • Pole Pairs: 3
  • Winding Inductance: 5 mH
  • Rated Speed at 60K Natural: 3000 RPM
  • Rated Speed at 100K Natural: 4500 RPM
  • Rated Torque at 60K Natural: 1.4 Nm
  • Rated Torque at 100K Natural: 1.5 Nm
  • Rated Current at 60K Natural: 2.8 A
  • Rated Current at 100K Natural: 3 A
  • Rated Power at 60K Natural: 0.53 kW
  • Rated Power at 100K Natural: 0.88 kW
  • Rated Voltage at 60K Natural: 115 V
  • Rated Voltage at 100K Natural: 170 V
  • Rated Frequency at 60K Natural: 150 Hz
  • Rated Frequency at 100K Natural: 225 Hz
  • Brake: No
  • Connection Box: No
  • Winding Code: 144
  • Motor Length: 2.7Nm
  • Drive System: Plain Shaft with Sealing Ring

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