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Call:1-888-551-3082 International: 1-919-443-0207


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Bosch Rexroth's MKD112A-024-GG1-AN model, a variable synchronous motor, is globally recognized for its efficiency in various automation systems, offering a power output range from 3.2kW to 6.4kW. The motor is equipped with an A-side power connector with an operational AC voltage range of 314 - 355V, making it an ideal choice for machine tools, packaging machines, and textile machinery. Created with a black prime coat, it offers resistance against elements like weather, discoloration, dilution by acids, and chalking. The flange size of 192mm eases the installation process. Operating at 60-K/100-K overtemperature while in standstill, it generates a consistent torque of 15 - 22.5 Nm and uses continuous current of 13.1 - 19.7A. With a typical speed of 2500 rpms, it can attain a maximum speed of 4500 rpms. This model offers the flexibility of utilizing both natural and surface cooling methods based on the operative environment. The MKD112A-024-GG1-AN model can perform efficiently up to 1000m above sea level at temperatures between 0 and +40 degree Celsius. Its IP 65 protection category safeguards it from low-pressure water jets and dust particles. Accompanied by an inbuilt 22Nm holding brake alongside a plain output shaft with shaft sealing ring, it comes with a one-year warranty from Servo Supplier.
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